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    A Bevy of Reasons Why Belgrade is a Must See

    A Bevy of Reasons Why Belgrade is a Must See

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    Belgrade was a bit of a mystery to me when I showed up one sunny September Sunday, but when I finally pried myself away six weeks later, it felt like a second home. Here are some of the reasons why I fell in love with the Serbian capital, and I surmise you will too.

    Fortress Sunsets

    At the tip of downtown Belgrade, you will find Kalemegdan Park perched over the confluence of Sava River and the mighty Danube. The park is home to windy and wooded paths to stroll on, but most importantly, the ancient Belgrade Fortress. The city literally grew up in and around this castle, and seeing its turrets and fortifications up close is a real treat. The highlight of the fortress for me was watching the sun dwindle down into the Danube from its historical ramparts — a true sight to behold.

    Sensational Saint Sava

    Of all the places of worship I've seen in the world, there aren't many I took a selfie in front of. Well, Saint Sava Church in Belgrade isn't any old church. One of the largest in the world, this beauty is dedicated to the founder of the Orthodox Church, Saint Sava, and is colored a mystic green and chalky ivory. When illuminated each evening, it attracts people from far and wide to simply relax and bask in its glory. Don't be surprised if you are one of them. 

    The Butchers of Belgrade

    Belgrade may not show up at the top of many “Best Foodie Cities in the World” lists, but in the six weeks I spent there, I don't remember having many bad meals. While there is some great pizza and falafel to be had in Belgrade, my most memorable meals came at the local butcher. Yes, you read that right: at the butcher. 

    The butchers in Belgrade don't just dispense meat wrapped in wax paper. They whip up a mean — and fresh — burger right on the spot. There's no sign promoting this, it just seems like a thing that those in the know ask for; and now you're in the know. As an added bonus, a hulking burger of either beef or chicken with a side of fries can usually be had for only a couple bucks.

    Unique Nightlife

    Whether you choose to dance the night away on the Danube at the famous “floating clubs” or slink to your table at trendy concept bars like Supermarket, Belgrade will show you an evening out you won't soon forget. The nights stay lively until late here, especially at the well-worn Kafanas — bars where traditional Serbian songs are played — and at the city's myriad “secret bars;” places you just have to know the location of or know the right people in order to find.

    Tesla Time

    Regarded as one of the most influential inventors and electrical engineers in history, Nikola Tesla is of Serbian-American heritage, and there is a modest but more than informative museum dedicated to him in Belgrade.

    In the museum, visitors can learn about Tesla's groundbreaking role in bringing modern electricity and wireless communication to the forefront of our modern lives. After visiting, you'll see why Tesla was an appropriate name for the line of chic electric cars currently hitting streets worldwide.

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