Last updated: 05:30 PM ET, Mon October 31 2016

Acapulco To Welcome XTASEA

Acapulco To Welcome XTASEA

PHOTO: Acapulco is constructing a mile-long zip line, just like this one. (Photo by Janeen Christoff)

The city of Acapulco is set to welcome one of the coolest attractions around.

XTASEA, an over-the-water zip line planned for Acapulco’s Puerto Marquez Bay, will allow riders to hit speeds of up to 75 miles per hour.

It is planned for a March 2017 opening.

“XTASEA promises to be one of Acapulco’s main tourist attractions and we have great hopes that it will be a success for the destination,” said Pedro Haces, president of the Acapulco Destination Marketing Office, according to Cruise Industry News. “This over-water zip line forms part of the recently announced billion-dollar investment aimed at enhancing the destination’s tourism offerings. We expect visitors from all over the world to come and experience this once in a lifetime adventure.”

It’s all part of what tourism officials in Acapulco are calling the “Master Plan,” which started with a major billion-dollar investment earlier this year from Grupo Autofin, a major Mexican investment firm. XTASEA will be one of the centerpieces of this new tourism objective to help lure more families to Acapulco. Oh, the city will still offer its jet-set vacation atmosphere, but it will also cater to family and multi-generational activities.

The XTASEA will be a mile long and cables will be built more than 300 feet above the bay that will allow four riders to zip line at the same time. It has been described as having “a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean surrounded by mountains and a great diversity of vegetation.”