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  • Michelle Bucher | May 26, 2015 11:00 PM ET

    Adventures in Sleeping on Road Trips

    Adventures in Sleeping on Road Trips

    Road tripping isn’t just about the destinations you visit; it’s also about the adventures you encounter along the way. We’ve made many memories while on the road, and had some great laughs at the decisions we’ve made, including places we’ve chosen to sleep while road tripping.

    Looking back, we’ve slept in some strange places, from gas stations to Wal-Mart parking lots, and even downtown areas of busy cities. Some left us feeling unsafe or uneasy, whereas others we had a good night’s sleep and moved on.

    While road tripping through Quebec City, we stopped at a gas station along our route. We were so tired from traveling, that we decided to pull into a gas station and get some shut-eye before carrying on with our road trip. I guess this was shortly before a local bar let out, and there were many happy party-goers passing our car that seemed to want us to join their party. We don’t speak French, so we really didn’t know what they were saying; we ignored them and pretended to be sleeping. We eventually fell asleep and carried on with our road trip several hours later.

    We also slept outside Disneyland once. Sometimes scary places can be about location, but other times it can be about the people. We arrived just before midnight, and didn’t really see the value in getting a hotel room so late in the night. We chose to sleep in a gas station parking lot just outside Disneyland, but kept getting bugged by a group of teens. We were fairly certain they were just looking for something to do, so we ignored them. We eventually gave in and rented a hotel room for the night. It was great to sleep in a comfy bed, and not have to worry about being bothered by others.

    My favorite sleeping memory was in Ontario.

    We were road tripping from Thunder Bay over to Toronto. We stopped in Thunder Bay for an afternoon adventure — horseback riding and a cheese farm tour. Our guide at the horseback place mentioned it wasn’t really safe to ruff it in our car overnight, and recommended that we head north 1 hour to Dorion. There’s a huge canyon up there worth checking out, and they have a campground that we could sleep in. The lady felt it was a much safer place for us to crash for the night. So we drove up there after dinner, and arrived just after 10 p.m. We spent a good half hour driving through a remote forest looking for this place. We arrived at a locked gate that lead to this campground/canyon place and decided to sleep there overnight.

    Years of watching too many scary movies left us wondering what to expect while sleeping in a remote area of an Ontario forest. We spent most of the night observing the scenery around using, looking for any Freddy Krueger type people wandering around the forest, but thankfully saw nothing other than some wildlife.

    We had a very hard time falling asleep that night, and I’m sure we only got an hour or two of solid sleep. A few hours later, we heard a vehicle drive alongside our car. A man came to unlock the gate, knocked on our window, then politely laughed and asked us if we had a good night sleep. We eventually woke up and made our way into the campground area for some breathtaking views of the canyon below. It turned out this place has Canada's longest suspension footbridge. We spent the morning exploring the canyon before moving onto our next destination.

    Road trip tip: we always find it handy to get advice from locals of places to see, and where to sleep. I guess in this situation, we should have asked if the place closes down for the night, but either way it led to a fun adventure.

    Let’s hear from you. Have you slept in any strange or scary places while road tripping? Leave your comment below. 


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