Last updated: 07:23 PM ET, Tue November 29 2016

Art Basel Chooses Buenos Aires As First Partner City

Art Basel Chooses Buenos Aires As First Partner City

PHOTO: The vibrant Argentine capital of Buenos Aires. (photo via Wikimedia Commons/Luis Argerich)

As if you need any more reason to get on an Aerolineas Argentinas flight to Buenos Aires, here’s one more from the culture and art world.

Art Basel has announced that Buenos Aires will be the first partner city for the new Art Basel Cities Initiative, which launched earlier this year in March.

The goal of the program is to engage with selected partner cities to develop vibrant and intellectually rigorous bespoke programs and offer the art world new opportunities to engage with cultural offerings across the world.

Marc Spiegler, Art Basel’s Global Director, said in a statement that the partnership will be the first example of Art Basel’s commitment to making further use of its event-staging experience.

“We aim to engage with cities like Buenos Aires, which already have fascinating and multi-layered cultural scenes and are interested in amplifying their own commitment to arts and culture even further,” he said.

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Art Basel and Buenos Aires will work to design a program that incorporates the city’s “current cultural landscape, programming, infrastructure, and resources, and how they align with its urban and economic vision.”

The first program is scheduled to place in Buenos Aires in late 2017 and offer opportunities to interact with the city's thriving cultural and contemporary art scene.