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Best Spots to Take Photos in Xcaret Park

Best Spots to Take Photos in Xcaret Park

PHOTO: Underground river in Xcaret Park (Photo via Flickr/Curtis & Renee)

At Xcaret Park, there are tons of breathtaking views that are absolutely perfect for picture taking.

Whether it’s a selfie or a full family photo, these are the top spots to snap a photo at in Xcaret Park.

The Direction Sign

A very popular photo spot, the direction sign located near the beach area is a fun spot to snap a picture not only because of the fun colors on the sign but also the beautiful scenery around it.

The Macaw

There are several beautiful macaws in Xcaret Park, and taking a photo with one on your hand or your head is a must. If you’re bird shy, you can get your macaw photo by the macaw wings statue instead.

The Underground Rivers

Get your swimsuit and life jacket on and be ready to take some outstanding pictures in the Underground Paradise.

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The Sea Turtle Shell

Located inside the Coral Reef Aquarium, you’ll find a shell replica where you can sandwich yourself in between to feel like a real sea turtle!

The Pool
A great hiding spot in Xcaret, you can find the natural pools close to the beach area. The cool design of the pools and the lovely blue water make for a solid photo spot.

For more information on Xcaret Park, visit their website here