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  • Rosalind Cummings-Yeates | April 29, 2015 1:00 AM ET

    Bimini Bliss: Where to Kick Back on the Placid Bahamian Island

    Bimini Bliss: Where to Kick Back on the Placid Bahamian Island

    Photos by Rosalind Cummings-Yeates

    On the tiny, seven miles-wide island of Bimini, tranquility fills the air as much as salty breezes. There are no stoplights, buildings taller than palm trees, or any sign that moving faster than a crab sidling through the sand is allowed. Yes, the water is an impossible shade of cerulean blue and  beaches line the island with perfect, pearly sand. But you can do more than the usual beach bum activities and still manage to maintain island cool. Here are my suggestion on where to go for laid-back fun on Bimini:

    Hang Out At Ebbie's Bonefish Club

    This is mandatory. Although Ebbie's Bonefish Club is set up for fishermen, you don't have to know anything about fishing to enjoy this spot. An outdoor cafe is built right over the water, where you can eat, sip Kalik beer and watch out for dolphins. But the real fun is inside the ramshackle bar in the evening, when the eponymous owner holds court. Ebbie is a robust, lively man who hugged me on first meeting. Sitting at the bar, knocking back stiff cocktails, he regaled the whole room with tales of his fishing exploits and Bimini history. Just when I thought the evening was dying down, a local whipped out his guitar and Ebbie sang a medley of calypso tunes not meant for sensitive ears. If you only make one stop in Bimini, make it here.

    Dance at the End of The World Bar

    A dive bar with sand for floors, graffiti on the walls and pumping reggae and soca music, this is Bimini's version of a nightclub. A legendary lounge that used to have women’s undergarments hanging from the ceiling, the lingerie is gone but the debauched spirit remains. The back of the bar opens up into a patio on the beach, which permits more room for dancing and carousing. Most locals head here at the end of the night so check it out for after hours fun.

    Rejuvenate at the Fountain of Youth

    Yep, that Fountain of Youth. Turns out that Juan Ponce de Leon reportedly sailed for Bimini from Puerto Rico (where he was the island's first governor) in 1513 to locate the spring that local Arawak Indians told him could restore youth. He never found it but South Bimini is reportedly the location for the fabled fountain. You can visit what's actually a well carved from limestone by groundwater thousands of years ago. The water was too low for me to dip into but the fountain is surrounded by a  nature preserve that offers enough soothing scenery to halt a few signs of aging.

    Stuff Your Mouth at A Taste of Heaven Bakery and Take Away

    Bimini is noted for a few natural wonders but none is more significant than Bimini bread. Bimini bread is the island's natural resource and attracts visitors from miles away, lured by the wickedly delicious carb. So what is it? It's an incredibly dense loaf of bread, that judging from the weight it added to my luggage, weighs several pounds. It's made from coconut flour and boasts a lightly sweet, buttery flavor that tempts you to immediately devour an entire loaf. It also comes in a cinnamon raisin flavor that's just as evil when it comes to your willpower. You can buy loaves at the brightly colored A Taste of Heaven Bakery but I can't guarantee that you will make it back home with any left.

    Ride a Water Bike or Get Lucky at Resorts World Casino

    Perhaps you're interested in moving a little. I can't say that I understand this but crazies who want to do more than lounge in Bimini can head to Resorts World Bimini and try a number of water sports. I preferred to relax in my pink villa but after too much Bimini bread, softly pedaling on a water bike through the calm waters was just the thing. For gambling fans, the resort supplies a  10,000 square foot, live action casino.

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