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    Brighton, England: A Travelogue

    Brighton, England: A Travelogue

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    On a recent trip to England, we spent a couple nights in a place called Brighton. Brighton sits on the southeast coast of England, about an hour train ride straight south from a very famous place you may have heard of called London.

    As is typical nowadays, I didn't do too much research before heading to Brighton. So, besides knowing where it physically rested on the isle of Britain, the only things I really knew about Brighton prior to arriving were via the links that Google bestowed upon me. I discovered that Brighton is "bohemian,” ”green,” "free-spirited,” and loudly and proudly the "gayest city in England.”

    And you know what, I like those traits in my cities, so I was pretty stoked. 

    Before arriving, I wondered if this freewheeling personality was perhaps the result of its location on the far edge of the British coast, at the end of the proverbial ye olde road? Sort of like how the southernmost city in America, Key West, seems to be a magnet for those who want to move to the beat of their own drummer.

    We pulled in late in the afternoon under a shining sun, which always makes for a fantastic first impression.

    We decided to wander around Brighton to get oriented, which is another way of saying we wanted something free to do that would take up some time before dinner. And so we tackled the sites that appeared as cover images on the Brighton travel brochure straight away. The famous pier, which stretches out into the sea and is home to a funhouse of games and carnival rides? Saw it. The obligatory big 'ol Ferris wheel? Snapped a photo. Brighton Pavilion, the Indian-inspired royal residence in white?  We cut through its garden.

    Our wanderings took us to an area called North Laine, which is right next to and kind of like an area called The Lanes, but definitely not the same. Hey, don't ask me, I only go to these places and then blog about them.

    Brighton's much-ballyhooed bohemian vibe showed up in spades as we settled in for a cozy pub dinner at the Prince George, a bar that only serves vegetarian food. The falafel burger was crunchy and hot on the outside and pillowy soft and so full of seasoned flavor on the inside it left me wondering why they ever invented meat in the first place. 

    During our second day in Brighton, we explored more of the town on foot, which is my way of saying we walked by places, pointed at things in the windows, said stuff like "oh, that's cute" but never entertained for a second so much as a thought of walking in and buying these cute things. We finished the day with a scenic stroll along the seaside, just in time to spot local students enjoying the day's catch of wine and cider.

    The neighborhood of Kemp Town and its rows of terraced homes and streets sloping toward the sea were definitely the highlight of Brighton for me. Picnickers lounging on their private neighborhood green spaces created an atmosphere overflowing with the seaside good life.

    So what's Brighton like? Well, it's a seaside town with a unique vibe from the rest of Britain, which is worth a couple days of your time for sure. In the end, Brighton reminded me of San Francisco meets Auckland meets, I don't know, maybe England. 

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