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Catch ‘Em All in Chicago: A Pokemon Go Cheat Sheet

Catch ‘Em All in Chicago: A Pokemon Go Cheat Sheet

Photo courtesy of Pokemon Go

Chicago is a big city with a lot of activities to keep even the most persnickety traveler occupied. If you don’t choose to eat your way around the city, you can always drown yourself in art, architecture, theater, comedy or sports. And if that doesn’t work for you, there are always alternatives, namely the wildly popular Pokemon Go app. This location-based, augmented reality game has made traveling even more fun as players try to capture Pokemon in new places. Chicago is particularly fertile with Pokemon, and players scramble all over the city to try to “catch ‘em all.” Here are some key spots for hunting Pokemon in Chicago that also happen to be great places to visit even if you’re not a Pokemon trainer:

The Loop

The downtown area of Chicago is teeming with Pokemon. There are so many that you can’t always assume that business people glued to their phones are actually taking care of work related stuff. There are lots of trainers hiding in suits! Pokestops and Pokemon Gyms are all over Michigan Ave. and all the main streets including State, Wabash and Dearborn. You’ll spot a variety of Pokemon on every other block. Stroll along the main boulevards, look at the architecture, visit restaurants and catch Pokemon.

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Navy Pier

This tourist fave is also the place to catch all sorts of water Pokemon. My trainer husband can barely enjoy the lake vistas because he’s so busy scooping up Pokemon. Walk along the promenade, close to the lake and you’ll see plenty. Try to eat outside, at Billy Goats or Harry Caray’s and you’ll be able to see where they are hiding. The Riverwalk also attracts water type Pokemon, but not as many as Navy Pier since it also serves as a landmark.

Adler Planetarium

The Museum campus, located at the end of the South Loop, serves up lots of Pokemon, especially around the Adler Planetarium, where various nests and the elusive Snorlax have been reported. It’s a big campus but try walking between the Adler and the Shedd Aquarium for the best captures. Top off your day of Pokemon hunting with a Pikachu-themed drink at Aire bar at Hyatt Centric in the Loop.