Last updated: 05:00 AM ET, Fri November 18 2016

Couples Resorts: Sit Down Together at Least Once a Day

Couples Resorts: Sit Down Together at Least Once a Day

Photo courtesy of Couples Resorts

Couples Resorts has a number of reasons why it’s a bad idea to believe you are too busy to spend time with your partner. Carving out time for just the two of you every day makes it so you “have a better chance of building a loving, long-term relationship,” according to the resort. Here’s why:

1. Positivity builds relationships

Revealing good news and showing support for your partner reinforces the connection, “cementing closeness” as Couples puts it.

2. Communication is key

Text messages back and forth won’t cut it — face-to-face communication is key. A combination of eye contact, body language and intimacy “is what relationships are about,” Couples said.

3. Regular connection keeps problems from growing

Relationship issues can grow and fester if not properly addressed. Resolving the problems can happen swiftly with daily get-togethers.

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4. Carving out time to spend together each day creates a habit of appreciation and gratitude

Hanging out daily develops a “culture of respect” as Couples explains it, where you’ll focus on the good and not the mistakes.

5. Make it productive time, too

Sure it’s nice to chill on the couch, but things can get accomplished during this daily couple time, like family dinners prepared by both of you.

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