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  • Gabe Zaldivar | October 15, 2015 1:00 AM ET

    Devouring All That Flora's Field Kitchen Has to Offer in San Jose Del Cabo

    Devouring All That Flora's Field Kitchen Has to Offer in San Jose Del Cabo

    Photos courtesy of Gabe Zaldivar

    I went to Los Cabos and ate at a farm.

    Now you don’t usually visit a destination resplendent with sun-kissed beaches to grub at a farm like some cowpoke. But then again, Flora’s Field Kitchen in San Jose del Cabo isn’t your typical farm.

    You don’t meander up to the open-air restaurant ready for an al fresco experience in your overalls, chewing on some wheat straw. I mean, you are more than welcome to do so, but you will find the picnic tables laid out family style, live music pumping out all night and substantial plates of amazing food don’t mandate that you get gussied up in such a fashion.

    I remember I was first told I would be visiting Flora’s Farm while enjoying an amazing press tour of the reopened and rejuvenated Hilton Los Cabos recently.

    As part of the journey, we would be stopping by a couple of local spots to eat, which illustrated that the destination is about far more than cabana time. The Mexican resort area has myriad local restaurants you just have to visit.

    And this particular one that serves a pork chop the size of your head is one of them.

    Now, you can get reservations and details on the location at Flora’s Farm’s official website, which also includes current menus.

    You should know that getting to this Garden of Eden means traversing some roads that have the mere suggestion of pavement. But if you brave the travel, you will not be disappointed, enjoying a meal that has largely been grown locally.  


    The website states: “Flora's Field Kitchen strives to provide you with only what we grow and raise. All of our pork and chicken is free range, hormone and antibiotic free. Our menus change with the seasons and with the crops in production.”

    And when you sit down at your wonderfully familiar picnic table, you are delivered what seems like a book report assignment in the form of several menus.

    There is a beer and wine list and even a list of selections for cocktails. You will also have to pore over specials as well as regular fare.  

    It’s the kind of exhaustive chore that may lead to closing the eyes and simply pointing at an item.

    Luck pointed me to the pork chop, which at the time came in three different sizes. I politely asked how big the small was only to have the questioned volleyed by the waiter with, “It’s enough.”

    Now I didn’t exactly want to have a tow truck bring my chop to the table, but I was simply curious as to the size.

    While I never got a concrete answer as to the ounces, the pork chop I enjoyed was roughly the size of a Hawaiian island, sitting on the plate as if it were ready to be either conquered or discovered.

    I ate it.

    Now the thing about oversized cuts of meat is that you can so easily over- or under-cook the thing. However, I had confidence that this place did cuts well, considering they seem to pump out the smell of caramelizing meat all over this place.

    I wasn’t disappointed. This was one of the best pork chops I have ever had, which isn’t hyperbole.

    The cut was thick and juicy, a marvel considering I could have ditched the fork and knife and ate it with a chainsaw.

    It was accompanied by potatoes and tomatoes, which is like listing off the actors who play opposite Daniel Day-Lewis in anything he has done.

    I was fortunate enough to sample a great many other items on the menu, including a ham and egg pizza, which was just downright delightful.

    The pizza crust was, as you would expect from an establishment rocking pies out of an onsite brick oven.  

    Flora’s Farm is an extensive parcel of land that includes a shop, grocery, bar, restaurant and a wide swath of property that allows you to meander in post-dining bliss.

    It’s your pastoral paradise of choice if you have a hankering for such a thing as you sip on your michelada poolside.


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