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    Don’t Go on Your Next Trip Without These 5 Unique Travel Gadgets

    Don’t Go on Your Next Trip Without These 5 Unique Travel Gadgets

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    These days, technology plays a huge role in travel. With everything being readily available online, people are bringing electronic devices with them in order to document their adventures, and to find destination specific information from top travel blogs and websites.

    Travelers are leaning more towards gadgets and gear that can elevate their travel stories, while many others are simply looking to be more connected with the world. Here are some unique gadgets for the modern-day traveler.

    The Charge Card

    Have you ever found yourself on the road, with no power outlet in sight, and the battery to your smart phone dies?! This is a problem. With so many travelers using their smart phones for taking photos, reading online information and for navigating their way around a city/country, it's imperative to have a full battery. It would be possible to bring your charging cord with you for the day, but you may not be able to find an outlet. If you do, you'll have to sit there waiting patiently for your device to power up.

    To avoid that, pack a Travel Card! This card is so slim and small that it will fit into your wallet, plus it gives you one full charge of your device. The product will charge using a lightning cord and a micro USB. Click here to learn more. the travel card


    This is the ultimate piece of equipment! Until recently, drones were so expensive that hardly anyone could afford them. Now, however, they are around the same price as a good camera. The Phantom 3 drone by DJI has a built-in camera, which takes 4K video and 12 megapixel photos.

    Flying is easy as well. All you do is hook up your smart phone or your tablet to the remote control, calibrate the compass on the drone (so it knows where you are), and send it off into the world! The drone can be flown three miles away from the remote control, and has a flight time of approximately 20 minutes before the battery dies. This is the new way to take photos and videos! Imagine seeing gorgeous mountains, jungles and beaches from above — the footage is incredible. Click here to see a review of the Phantom 3 Drone and click here to purchase one for yourself.

    Travelling With A Drone

    Photo by Goats on the Road

    Feiyu Tech Handheld Gimbal

    You know when you're watching videos on YouTube, or are enjoying your own clips after a trip, and the footage is so shaky that you can barely look at it? That's because the person filming didn't use a handheld gimbal! A gimbal uses three-axis stabilization technology, which means that you can walk, run, jump or be in a moving vehicle and the video quality won't be bumpy and shaky.

    Feiyu Tech has many gimbals that you can purchase — for your smart phone, GoPro and drone. They even have ones that are wearable. We have the G4 gimbal and highly recommend it. All you need to do is attach your GoPro to the device and start shooting. You can get some really great boom, pans and 360-degree shots. Click here to purchase this awesome piece of travel gear.

    Travelling With A Drone

    Photo by Goats on the Road

    Wi-Fi Extender

    There's nothing worse than being on the road and dealing with slow, intermittent Wi-Fi when you're trying to call home to family, upload photos to social media or (good luck) stream YouTube or a movie. Luckily, there is a handy little device called a range extender.

    Basically, you just plug it into the wall and connect the router to it, by adding the Wi-Fi password. If you're just a little bit too far from the router to get a good connection on your device, or if the signal isn't all that strong to begin with, this extender will make the Wi-Fi signal more powerful! Every traveler should have one of these, and so should those who work on the road from their computers. Click here to purchase a range extender from D-Link.

    D-Link Wireless N 300 Mbps Compact Wi-Fi Range Extender (DAP-1320)

    Portable Projector

    This gadget won't help you take better pictures or videos, and it won't help you get a better Wi-Fi signal. What it will do is make your travels more enjoyable! This piece of kit from RIF6 is all about entertainment. Basically, you choose a show that you want to watch on your smart phone, laptop or tablet, and you attach your device to the Cube. The Cube is a portable projector that projects an image or show onto a wall or screen.

    The clarity and size at which the images are displayed are really great. But the best part about this mobile projector is that it's very small, just one-inch by one-inch! This is the perfect gift for travelers, or just as an addition to your own pack. Click here to buy a Cube from RIF6.


    Are there any cool gadgets that you would add to this list? Tell us in the comments


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