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    Epic Waterfalls From Around the World You Have to See to Believe

    Epic Waterfalls From Around the World You Have to See to Believe

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    There is something about the power and beauty of waterfalls that creates a sense of wonder. For example, take Iguazu Falls, Brazil. Experiencing the deafening roar of thousands of gallons of water pouring over the side of a cliff was one travel memory that we won't soon forget. Visiting Brazil’s famed falls got us thinking about all the other amazing waterfalls around the world that are must-visit destinations.

    Some are more remote, some are more famous, but all of these waterfalls are must-see attractions you have to see to believe:

    Victoria Falls

    Victoria Falls

    Photo by Pius Mahambi via Flickr

    Although it is neither the highest nor the tallest waterfall, Victoria Falls takes the prize for being the world's largest uninterrupted sheet of falling water. If you're bold enough, you can take a swim at the falls edge in a natural pool called "Devil's Pool." During the months between September and December, the river's flow reaches a point where a relatively calm eddy is formed just at the edge of the cascade that brave swimmers can dip in—at their own risk.

    Iguazu Falls

    Devils Throat Iguazu Falls Brazil

    The only waterfall on this list we have had the luxury to experience is Iguazu Falls. With 270 separate waterfalls stretching over 2.7 kilometers, it is one of nature's most powerful and beautiful sites. We took the 1,200-meter trail on the Brazilian side, which offers magnificent views of the waterfalls and the gorges below. Don't miss the walkway that ventures to the edge of the "Devil's Throat" where nearly half of the river's water drops over 80 meters, creating a spectacular spray and nearly ever-present rainbow.

    Angel Falls

    DSC_8962 Angel Falls

    Photo by ENT108 via Flickr

    You may recognize this one from the popular Disney movie Up, although in the film it was referred to as Paradise Falls. Angel Falls in Venezuela is officially the tallest uninterrupted waterfall in the world, topping out at a staggering 979 meters. Seeing the waterfall in person is a complicated affair. There are no bus tours or paved walkways here. Visitors must fly into Canaima camp, the starting point for river trips leading up to the falls.

    Wallamen Falls

    wallaman fall, Australia

    Photo by Maxime Legare via Flickr

    Throw some shrimp on the barbie because at Australia's tallest single drop waterfall, you can extend your stay at the campground. There are several hikes in the area, including one that takes you from the upper viewing area down to the base of the 268 meter cascade. There are also great opportunities for wildlife spotting around the falls as sugar gliders, red-legged pademelons, golden whistlers and even the elusive platypus can all be found in the area.

    Niagara Falls

    Canadian Falls

    Photo by Richard Ricciardi via Flickr

    This classic cascade between Canada and USA is one of the most well-known and popular waterfalls in the world. The Niagara River flows over three waterfalls named Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls. The falls are more known for their width than their height, making them particularly appealing to spectacular stunts performed by daredevils. In October of 1829, Sam Patch started a tradition of daring performances after jumping from a tower into the gorge. Years later, Annie Edison Taylor was the first to person to go over the falls in a barrel. Since then, 14 others have intentionally gone over the falls for publicity or otherwise, unfortunately not all successfully. 

    Cascata delle Marmore

    Grand Tour Jazz Fest @ Cascata delle Marmore

    Photo by Fabrizio Sciami via Flickr

    The largest manmade waterfall in Europe, Cascata delle Marmore is a 165-meter engineering feat. Possibly even more impressive is the fact it was built by the ancient Romans around 271 B.C. They built the waterfall to divert the river flow away from a wetland they believed was causing disease. The flow of the river is now shared with a hydroelectric plant, so flow is cut off and restored from time to time to satisfy the needs of the facility and tourism. Tourists can time their visit to coincide with the opening of the gate to see the powerful rush of water as it begins to spill over the falls.

    There’s no denying it—humans have a fascination with falling water, especially when it is in the magnificent form of the waterfalls listed above! But this is only the start—what are some of your favorite waterfalls from around the world?


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