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  • Michelle Bucher | May 8, 2015 10:00 PM ET

    High Gas Prices: What Do They Mean For Road Trippers?

    High Gas Prices: What Do They Mean For Road Trippers?

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    It was just recently announced that Vancouver has the highest gas prices in North America, and the price seems to keep going up and up. This of course has a huge impact on us road trippers. Gas generally accounts for more than 50 percent of our road trip costs, and that cost generally dictates how far we road trip, and how often. 

    The rising gas prices in Vancouver is said to be because of high taxes, gasoline production delays, labor strikes in LA and the weakening Canadian dollar; as much of the gasoline import is valued in U.S. dollars.

    So what does this mean for us road trippers:

    Well it means more road trips down south, which is great for U.S. tourism. According to GasBuddy, the average gas price in Vancouver right now is around $1.40 per litre (that’s about $3.69 a gallon). Ontario seems to be averaging just under the Vancouver prices. For a road tripper like myself, this essentially means I’m planning more road trips down south, rather than across Canada.

    Travel note: you may be surprised to learn that many Canadians cross the border just for gas. I find that if I fill up in Vancouver, it costs around $55 to fill my car. When we cross the border, even with the exchange rate, we generally pay around $40, and it seems to get cheaper and cheaper the further south you go from the border. This price difference really adds up when you’re road tripping for thousands of miles, and put dozens of tanks of gas in your car.

    Stats Canada estimates that about 90 percent of Canadians live along the U.S. border, so it’s no surprise how convenient it is for us to just cross the border and road trip in the states. For us, the U.S. border is about 5 minutes from our house.

    Another impact that this could have on road trippers is the car you drive. I’ve always wanted to road trip in an RV; having a mobile bed and bathroom while road tripping would be amazing. I was recently chatting with my friend’s grandparents who road trip in an RV from Vancouver to Arizona during the winter months. They mentioned it costing around $1,200 in gas just to get down there. That essentially crushed my dreams of road tripping in an RV... at least for now. In an average car, that would cost around $250.

    We recently rented a Fiat 500 to do a weekend road trip. The car was really lightweight and awesome to road trip in. It cost around $30 to fill up. This was great news for us, and with unlimited miles from Enterprise, we really could have gone far in that car for cheap. It seems, with higher gas prices, we’re now starting to lean more towards more fuel-efficient cars for road tripping to help save on gas prices.

    It’s hard to cut back on our road trip dreams just because of high gas prices, thus we’re looking for other means of saving money on gas while road tripping. We’ll probably be road tripping quite a bit of the states this summer.

    Do high gas prices impact your road trip plans? Leave a comment below. We love to hear from other road trippers. 


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