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    How to Pack Like a Pro

    How to Pack Like a Pro

    PHOTO: The longer I travel, the less I have and the happier I become. If you pack lighter, you go further. (photos courtesy of Shannon Wolf)

    Want to learn how to pack like a pro? It took a bit of research to get the right information from inevitably outdated Internet sources, and the often-frustrating venture required too much coffee (plus some of the harder stuff), but it’s done.

    Below is a compilation of everything you need to know — From travel essentials to tips and tricks (that I actually use while on the road) to valuable information that is necessary for smooth sailing … or flying.

    Luggage Weight

    As a rule of thumb, if you want to bring your backpack onto airlines as carry-on, don’t pack more than 10 kilograms (22 pounds) and the dimensions should be no larger than 55 x 40 x 20 centimeters (21.7 x 15.8 x 7.9 inches)

    The best backpack I have ever purchased was the Osprey Porter 46L which is comfortable, NOT TOPLOADING, has plenty of pockets, can be locked up, has foldaway straps and is the exact dimensions of a carry-on bag.

    Quick Tip: Before you hit the road, as a safety precaution, put electronics in Ziploc bags.

    Load Up Before Hitting the Road:

    In second and third world countries, what we consider to be basic essentials are “luxury items” which means prices are exorbitant, so stock up on these before you leave home:

    • Deodorant

    • Razors

    • Tampons

    • Sunscreen

    • Bug Repellant


    PHOTO: The Osprey Porter 46L: The best bag I’ve ever owned and a key item to packing like a pro.

    Don't Leave Home Without These:

    • Pocket Phrase book — way more necessary than you think

    • Rain Cover

    • International adaptor

    • Day-bag with zipper: for day-trips/traveling and keeping all your important things with you

    • Flashlight/headlamp

    • Pack Towel

    • Scarf/Sarong

    • Duct tape

    • Small Scissors

    • Lighter

    • Notepad and Pens (bring more than one — for filling out customs forms/writing directions/etc.)

    • Rope/String: for hanging clothes, tying up a tent so it won’t blow away, etc.

    • Needle and thread

    • 2 luggage locks: small and medium (because not all zippers will fit your lock)

    • Imodium/Gas-X/Gastrolyte/Flu Pills

    Things You Really Don't Need:

    • Sheet liner

    • Money belt

    • Fake engagement ring

    • Hiking boots (unless you are an avid hiker, stick to runners)

    • Travel size shampoo/conditioner/etc.

    BEST Tips & Tricks: 

    • Forget the money belt — Use a hollowed out book, Chapstick tube or inflatable neck pillow with zipper to hide money in.

    • Anything of importance, keep on you for long-haul journeys rather than everything in one bag so you can keep a better eye on it.

    PHOTO: After getting scammed, our bags were thrown off a chicken bus and we quickly jumped off. Then we realized one of us had left one in the back. Moral of the story: pack light and keep it all in eyesight.

    • Long Journeys: ALWAYS bring a scarf/sarong, earplugs and a sweater. Air conditioning is always blasted and there is typically always a screaming baby or snorer onboard.

    • Shower Cap to cover dirty shoes.

    • Plastic wrap over liquid bottles.

    • Ziploc bags/plastic bags/garbage bags with strings in all sizes. From packing, to concealing smelly clothes to protecting your electronics — you can use them for everything.

    • Buy your bottle of shampoo/conditioner when you arrive at your destination. Travel sizes are useless and cost more.

    • Dryer Sheets in your bag keeps everything smelling fresh.

    • Wrap delicate clothes in tissue paper — keeps from getting wrinkled/crushed.

    • You can find a lot of Wi-Fi passwords on the Foursquare app.

    • Roll all of your clothes.

    • Pack clothes that are neutral toned for easy mix and matching.

    • NEVER bring white clothes.

    • Bringing a few pieces of jewelry along. They can spruce up an outfit or give it a totally different look. It may be a “luxury item” but totally worth it.

    • For better organization, put clothes you wear the least amount in the back of your bag such as sweaters and pants, then shorts, then T-shirts and tank tops for easy access and avoid constant re-packing. 


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