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    How To Spend A Day In Mexico City’s Cool Condesa

    How To Spend A Day In Mexico City’s Cool Condesa

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    Mexico City, or the “D.F.” if you’re down with the locals (the D.F. stands for “distrito federal,” basically the Mexican equivalent of saying “D.C”) is a fiery  cauldron of sensory stimulation, sophisticated style, grit and spice. There’s nowhere else in the world quite like it, and one of coolest neighborhoods to hang out in Mexico City is La (the) Condesa.

    The Condesa is a leafy enclave full of Art Deco architecture that oozes Hollywood glamour on every corner. In fact, the area used to be a hub for artists and actors in the 1920s and 30s, but then was abandoned by the jet set before being discovered again in the ’90s. No matter where you are staying in Mexico City, I recommend hitting up the Condesa for a day, and here is my idea of the best way to spend that day - well, from noon until midnight, anyway.

    Noon: After a lazy breakfast over some quality chilaquiles and coffee, make your way over the Condesa around midday after a stop at the nearby Chapultepec Park. The park is home to a fleet of fine museums, with the National Anthropology Museum being one of the most respected of its kind in the world, featuring fascinating artifacts and insights from Mexico’s many indigenous cultures. Afterwards, find your way to the entrance of the park and walk fifteen minutes to the heart of the Condesa.

    The best days to come to the Condesa are Tuesdays and Fridays, as they are the market days, and your first move should be to head straight for the market and grab lunch. Peruse all the stalls for fresh native produce and join the locals as they crowd around communal benches and enjoy lunch. The tacos and taquitos here are top-notch, featuring fun toppings like cactus, sirloin steak, and even French fries. If it’s not Tuesday or Friday, opt instead for lunch at Tacos Hola, one of the neighborhood kings of stewed meat and veggie tacos.

    Afternoon: The Avenida Amsterdam encircles the core of the Condesa, and in fact, owes its graceful shape to the fact that it used to be a horse track. Attempt to burn off those tacos by taking a stroll along its canopied paths spotting fountains, dodging joggers, and then turning into the Parque Mexico (located in the middle of Avenida Amsterdam). This is where locals come to slow down, take a deep breath, and, um, show off their dogs. One day we actually spotted twelve pugs being pranced through the park in one hour. Spend a few minutes breathing in the relaxing atmosphere or watching the dog show — your choice.

    Happy Hour: As Mexico City typically is home to spring weather all year round, the city is awash with rooftop bars, and one of my favorites is at the Condesa DF Hotel. Here, you’ll feel like a rock star as your sprawl out on their daybeds and watch the breezes blow through the trees of the nearby Parque Espana with a mezcal margarita in your hand.

    Dinner and Drinks: After a quick and casual lunch, it’s time to step things up a bit for dinner. You can’t go wrong at Azul, which is highly rated for its artsy, jungle-like atmosphere and inventive twists on traditional Mexican fare. Afterwards, walk past the myriad of rambunctious bars on Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon avenues to find Baltra, home to some of the finest cocktails in the city and a unique “Charles Darwin in the Galapagos” theme.

    Midnight: Empanaderia is a bicycle food truck that typically shows up at the corner of Juan Escutia and Tamaulipas streets each evening. They have some of the best empanadas in the capital, and are the perfect way to finish your day or fuel up for a late night out — but what you do after midnight is up to you.


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