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    My Name is Worldwide Scott, and I'm A Travelholic

    My Name is Worldwide Scott, and I'm A Travelholic

    Like many others who can't get enough of traveling, it all started at an early age for me. When the family would pile in the truckster for trips to Wally World in Orlando, I would spend most of my time staring out the car window at the skylines of American cities we passed through along the way, soaking in what I saw. I was surprised that the billboards were for different car dealerships, personal injury lawyers, and TV stations from the ones I was used to at home, and shocked that these cities didn't have a big silver arch in front of them like my hometown of St. Louis. I wondered what else could be different about them.

    I spent my teen years getting even more curious about other places, mostly during late night sports broadcasts. Listening to St. Louis Cardinals games on the radio from California and hearing the broadcasters wax poetic about the Golden Gate Bridge shrouded in fog made me dream of San Francisco. When hockey became my prime passion, and the St. Louis Blues were playing Vancouver, the television shots of the twinkling harbor there put it on my list.

    As I reached college, I started experimenting with tons of different types of travel.

    There was the time me and my buddies from college decided to drive all the way from Ohio to New Orleans, just for a couple of nights. We lost a muffler an hour into the journey, but just chucked it in the trunk and kept going like champs. There was also the time me and a few friends decided to spend the entire summer on the beach in Florida, essentially on one big 90-day vacation. We waited tables at night, then stayed out until sunrise all summer long like something out of a zany ’80s comedy film. I even signed up to go to Spring Break in Jamaica, and in between soaking up rum like a sponge I soaked up my first taste of a foreign place — but mostly just soaked up rum like a sponge.

    Like many travelholics, and after hearing euphoric tales from friends, I eventually went to Europe looking for more. I borrowed a backpack and bought a Eurail pass, then proceeded to stagger around for a few weeks stopping anywhere that looked like it might have alpine peaks, crumbling cathedrals, or some cool canals. I enjoyed Europe so much that I started sending reports back home through an internet site popular with a primitive people of the time called Myspace.

    After growing a bit of a tolerance to Europe, I met a girl named Julia, who was hooked on travel as well, and we decided to travel around the world for a while together. And when I say around the world, I actually mean around the world. We spent the better part of two years abroad eating, drinking, and laughing in cool places like New Zealand, Asia, the Balkans, and Mexico before we grabbed our Basset Hound from America and moved her to Europe with us.

    Now we live among the winding waterways and canalhouses of Amsterdam, a place where just going out for a burger and a beer makes you feel like you've stepped into someone's trip of a lifetime.

    I watch my games over the internet now and Myspace has given way to TravelPulse, but some things never change: I'm a travel addict, and I couldn't be happier about it.


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Worldwide Scott The Adventures of Worldwide Scott

Worldwide Scott Born in the U.S.A like Springsteen but trying to see the world like Pitbull, Worldwide Scott is the voice behind the hard-hitting travel site of the same name. Employing a groundbreaking strategy of visiting destinations, coming home, and then writing things about them on the internet, Worldwide Scott only tackles the tough questions that other writers wouldn't dare touch: Is travelling fun? Are there pretty places in the world? Do people in other countries wear clothes? Does Europe really exist? And if so, what's the beer like there? Stick around, he's going places.
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