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Networking Event Essentials

Networking Event Essentials

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The importance of networking in the travel agent field cannot be overstated. It’s a great way to get supplier contacts, referrals, friends in the industry and more, CCRA stated. Events devoted to networking put all of these essentials at your fingertips — but you must arrive prepared. Here are four crucial things to bring to a network, as outlined by CCRA:

1. A Game Plan

Get to know the event and why you are attending before you go. What is the focus of the event? Who will be there? What are you looking for? New suppliers? Leads? Thorough prior planning and learning will give you more confidence.

2. Your Elevator Speech

Prepare by summarizing, as CCRA puts it, “who you are, what you do and what you are looking for,” in 30 seconds — and feel comfortable conveying this information.

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3. Business Cards & Something to Write With

Be sure to have 20-30 business cards on your person before you leave for the event, and don’t forget to ask for business cards from people you talk to. A pen and paper (either real or virtual) are invaluable as well.

4. A Positive Attitude

Do whatever you can to be in a good mood when you attend the event. Some examples provided by CCRA include, “blasting your favorite music on the drive there, or getting a delicious coffee.” The goal is to show your best self when mingling.

To learn more about networking essentials, visit CCRA’s blog.