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Oasis Says ‘Eat This, Not That’

Oasis Says ‘Eat This, Not That’

PHOTO: Ceviche. (photo courtesy of Oasis Hotels & Resorts) 

It is perfectly acceptable to order a burrito and shots of tequila while on vacation in Mexico, but there is so much more to the culinary landscape there — so Oasis has provided some delectable alternatives to the old warhorses.

Gorditas instead of tacos

Similar to the taco, the gordita is a stuffed corn or wheat-flour shell, but much thicker than a taco. Oasis has the most common, the “gordita de chicharron” (fried pork rind) available at its hotel buffets.

Tortas ahogadas instead of burritos

Spanish for “drowned sandwich,” the torta ahogada is a bread roll filled with pork meat and covered with spicy tomato sauce. This dish also features chicken or prawns in Mexico’s Jalisco state.

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Ceviche instead of nachos

A lighter option to the heavy nacho platter, ceviche is perfect for “spending the day on our paradisiacal beaches,” Oasis says. It consists of fresh seafood marinated in lime juice usually topped with chopped tomato, onion, chili peppers, avocado and coriander leaves. Prawns, octopus and fish are commonly included seafood, and chopped mango may make an appearance on the Mexican Caribbean.

Pacifico instead of Corona

Oasis points out that Mexico was the world’s largest beer exporter in 2015, and Corona took the top spot in terms of quantity. Pacifico, produced in the Pacific port city of Mazatlan is lauded for its higher quality, while Sinaloa is a great ceviche pairing.

Mezcal instead of Tequila

Tequila is the iconic, quintessential Mexican spirit, but mezcal, also produced from the agave plant, is definitely worth a try. Smoky-tasting, the beverage is meant to be sipped and accompanied by orange slices and grasshopper salt.

For more on authentic Mexican cuisine and spirits, visit Oasis Hotels & Resorts’ blog.