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Planning for the Perfect Honeymoon on Nassau Paradise Island

Planning for the Perfect Honeymoon on Nassau Paradise Island

Photo courtesy of the Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board

The honeymoon: that magical time when a newly minted husband and wife get away from it all to celebrate their nuptials. And Nassau Paradise Island is a great place for this joyful moment, offering a diverse slate of experiences, such as “relaxing on the beach, outdoor adventure, local culture, or an extended party,” according to the area’s Promotion Board

But there are some steps to take so the actual honeymoon is harmonious. The Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board breaks it down, explaining what needs to be done months prior, then weeks prior, all the way to the day before.

6-8 Months Before Your Honeymoon

This is the time to check your passport’s status, look into travel insurance, set a budget, book airline tickets and book a room (making sure to ask about honeymoon packages).

3-4 Months Before Your Honeymoon

Make must-have dinner reservations at this point, choosing from “celebrity chef experiences, fine dining, and casual al fresco island meals,” the Promotion Board said. Don’t get shut out of desired dining.

Also, the packing list should be created in this time frame.

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1 Month Before Your Honeymoon

Plan activities (or plan not to plan), book spa appointments, get medications filled and shop for honeymoon necessities at this point.

2 Weeks Before Your Honeymoon

Confirm all reservations, leave copies of travel documents, itineraries and important phone numbers with someone at home (and keep a set for yourself), deal with mail arriving during the trip, withdraw pocket money and start packing.

1-2 Days Before Your Honeymoon

Copy your marriage certificate so you can take advantage of newlywed perks, check the weather forecast, finish packing and get your camera set up.

On Your Honeymoon

Enjoy the experience.

To find out more about honeymooning Bahamas-style, visit the Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board’s blog.