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    Practical Tips For Getting a Job Teaching English Abroad

    Practical Tips For Getting a Job Teaching English Abroad

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    It’s no secret that teaching English abroad is a fantastic way to travel the world. Not only do you get to immerse in a new culture, but teaching English overseas also presents the opportunity to save money, learn new skills and make meaningful friendships.

    We’ll be the first to say that teaching English abroad isn’t for everyone (we’ve written a comprehensive list of pros and cons here), but for many, it’s a sure-fire way to finance international travel.

    What’s more, teaching English isn’t just for recent college graduates postponing the 9-5 grind back home. Native English speakers from all backgrounds and ages realize how fulfilling teaching English can be.

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    Given its popularity, one of the biggest questions we get asked is how actually to find a job teaching English. The industry is becoming more and more competitive, making it increasingly difficult to find well-paying teaching jobs at reputable schools. However, depending on your lifestyle and prerequisites, it is still possible to find epic jobs teaching English all around the world. Here are a few of our top tips:

    Invest In A TEFL Certificate

    Some TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) jobs will only require that applicants are native English speakers with Bachelor degrees. This was the case for the school we taught with when we were in Taiwan. However, with more and more travelers vying for jobs, a TEFL certificate will certainly make you a more competitive applicant, while also ensuring you are eligible for the best and highest paying jobs.

    Of course, a TEFL certificate also teaches you the necessary skills to be the best English teacher possible. Unfortunately, far too many travelers decide to teach English abroad, only to give the industry a bad name due to their lackluster performance. While teaching English is an amazing opportunity, it is also a job, and should be treated as such.

    Teaching English in Taiwan”></a></p><p>There are numerous different online TEFL certification programs, but we recommend <a  data-cke-saved-href=MyTEFL. Their certifications come with lifetime job placement, which helps remove a ton of the stress of getting a job after you’ve invested in the training.

    Research Destinations


    One of the best parts about teaching English is that you can find a job in any region of the world. I have personal experience teaching English in Italy, Taiwan and Ecuador; friends and acquaintances have taught everywhere from Thailand to Prague to Chile to Abu Dhabi.

    While the options for where you can teach English are virtually limitless, location will play a huge impact on your experience, work requirements and income. For example, it is notoriously difficult to make good money teaching English in Central and South America. However, many Asian countries and the Middle East will afford you a very comfortable lifestyle. Don’t just choose a destination to teach English based off of how exotic it appears. Also consider how many hours you want to work and what lifestyle you want to have while you’re there.

    Find A Job

    As noted above, most accredited TEFL certification programs will help you find a job placement in the destination of your choice. However, if you choose not to go this route, there are still a few other options.

    Some countries have government funded TEFL programs (such as South Korea and Spain.) These streamline the entire process of moving to the foreign country and finding a job. Additionally, most popular TEFL destinations have online forums where teachers can peruse job listings. For a comprehensive list of TEFL websites and job listings, TransitionsAbroad has an excellent resource page.

    Don’t Accept Every Job Offer You Get

    Unfortunately, not all TEFL jobs are created equal. The truth is that because of high demand, many English schools treat their teachers like disposable labor. Take the time to heavily research any school that offers you a job, even if you find the placement through a reputable recruiter.

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    Chain schools typically offer more support in the beginning, but as a trade-off, their starting rates are often below the local industry standard. Some schools will also have extremely rigid teaching curriculums, which you might not agree with (especially if you have teaching experience).

    Students in Taiwan

    No matter where you are considering teaching English, try to find other teachers who have specific experience at the school. With so many digital nomads and bloggers teaching English to earn money on the side, it’s easier than ever to connect with local sources that will be able to give you non-biased advice. 


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