Last updated: 04:15 PM ET, Thu October 27 2016

SeaWorld Saves Penguin With ‘World's Cutest Wetsuit’

SeaWorld Saves Penguin With ‘World's Cutest Wetsuit’

Photo via YouTube

Saved by the “World’s Cutest Wetsuit!” Penguins can experience feather loss, and in the chilly wild, this can be detrimental to survival, as feathers help regulate body heat. SeaWorld Orlando wasn’t about to let resident Adelie penguin Wonder Twin languish in this condition. The solution? Creative garb from the park’s wardrobe department.

SeaWorld’s aviculture team commissioned a wetsuit that mimics feathers, which on an un-afflicted penguin, “are short, broad, and closely spaced — with about 100 feathers per square inch! This helps keep water away from the skin, and tufts of down on the feather shafts increase the insulative properties of the feathers,” the park said.

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So in SeaWorld Orlando’s “Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin” exhibit, Wonder Twin goes about her business being a penguin along with her cohorts, sporting the lifesaving wetsuit.

To learn more about Wonder Twin and her fellow penguins, visit SeaWorld’s blog.