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  • Shannon Wolf | June 11, 2016 11:00 PM ET

    The Importance of Staying Connected to Loved Ones When Traveling

    The Importance of Staying Connected to Loved Ones When Traveling

    PHOTO: One of the greatest aspects of traveling is that no matter where you are in the world, you can make beautiful and lasting connections that can last a lifetime. (photos courtesy of Shannon Wolf)

    With the passing of time and passing of unfortunately four family members since I've been on the road, my eyes are more open than ever regarding how important it is to stay connected with those you love — both on a platonic and non-platonic level.

    We become consumed so easily in our day-to-day lives that we sometimes forget what's important. It all boils down to the relationships we have that we regrettably take for granted at times. 

    Time passes by in an instant and before we know it, months, even years have gone by and although we mean to keep in touch with family and friends whether were kilometers or countries apart, we just assume that everyone knows we think of them and miss them and that seems good enough at the time because we forget that they're not here forever.

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    I'll be the first one to admit that yes, relationships and communication tends to fall to the wayside at times since I've been traveling. But that's not because it was intentional by any means. Life just got in the way — but that's no excuse because it always does and always will if you let it.

    PHOTO: Regardless of time zones, my mom has always been there for me whether it was to chat, cheer me on or give advice thanks to Skype and WhatsApp.

    I wish I called my grandmother and told her I loved her while having the chance to argue once more over who loves that babe Johnny Depp more. I wish I would have kept more in contact with my extended family to see how they were doing instead of waiting for the next time I visited and I wish I attended family gatherings longer to spend more time eating the family's famous "chocolate bark" with my uncle Brent while I had the chance... But you don't think of things like that until it's too late.

    ...I wish. I wish. I wish... Do you see what I'm getting at? With the advancement of technology, we really have no excuses anymore for not keeping in touch (unless of course you're in the middle of the jungle, a secluded island or of course India, that has Internet reminiscent of the not so good old days of dial-up. Then you're excused.)

    However, I want to remind you all how precious life is and how quickly it can be taken away.  Traveling has taught me first hand what's important and for me, it's the people you connect with.

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    So take a minute and pick up the phone, send a text, put in the effort even for a brief moment and let those you love in your life know that they're important to you.

    PHOTO: Being far away from home doesn’t mean you have to be out of touch. If you miss someone enough, you’re only a plane ride away.


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