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    The Skinny On Skinny Dipping

    The Skinny On Skinny Dipping

    PHOTO:A little swim, sans clothing, can add spice for a couple. (Photo courtesy of Couples Resorts)

    Relationships can be hard work, and sometimes you just need to embrace a new adventure, hand in hand, maybe even at Couples Resorts.

    The cure for a monotonous relationship?

    How about skinny dipping?

    Here’s the skinny as to how this bare(ly) discussed topic can heal your relationship and help reignite an extinguished flame.

    1. You exude confidence

    Whether you’re faking it or making it, when you bare all, you are showing your partner that you are confident in yourself and in your physique, which is incredibly attractive. Skinny dipping with your partner is a fun reminder that being spontaneous is an important element of a healthy relationship. Take a deep breath, remove those pesky duds and take a leap of faith, hand in hand.

    2. It’s “dangerous”

    Because there is always an element that you two could get caught, skinny dipping can have a dangerous, naughty undertone. Channel that nervous energy together to laugh about the possibility and to embrace the moment. Being in such a vulnerable state together can do wonders for your trust in one another and overall health of your relationship.

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    3. It’s an adventure

    Together you can tackle the world (or, run nude into the water as fast as humanly possible). No matter which way you slice it, skinny dipping is an adventure. Your heart races, you don’t know whether or not you’ll be caught, and there’s an element of surprise every time hen your partner suggests you do it. It’s daring, and it has the ability to transport you both into a time when you experienced young romance without many consequences. Life, and love is fun again.

    4. It’s sexy and sassy

    Well naturally, skinny dipping can be quite the sassy, sensual experience. Embrace the glances and touches that are involved in your adventure and watch as the romance unfolds. . .

    5. You’re vulnerable

    While it does take a good amount of confidence to join in on the skinny dipping party, it also makes you incredibly vulnerable. After all, you are literally stripped of all your securities in front of your partner. Allow yourselves to be vulnerable with one another and see how that can work in other elements of your relationship as well.

    This blog originally appeared on Couples’ website.


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