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  • Rosalind Cummings-Yeates | June 26, 2015 5:00 AM ET

    Tips on How to Use Tinder Passport For Travel Adventures

    Tips on How to Use Tinder Passport For Travel Adventures

    Over the last few years, the mobile dating app Tinder has advanced as the go to for dating adventures. Swiping right, or acknowledging your attraction to a potential date's photo, offers instantaneous connections for singles around the world. 

    But the recently released Tinder upgrade supplies more than just meetups for singles; it literally opens up the world for spontaneous travelers. The upgraded version costs $9.99 per month and allows users to choose  from140 destinations around the globe to discover matches and chat before you arrive.

    The original app only permitted matches within a 100-mile radius. So even if you're not looking for love (of any variety) Tinder can help you make local connections and experience  more immersive travel, here's how:

    Arrange Your Profile and Settings For Jettsetting Interest

    Many Tinder users only upload photos and don't provide much in terms of  a bio or interests. If you're interested in meeting locals and learning about your destination, share a little bit about what you enjoy on your travels--museums, local music, hiking, etc.

    The more details you give, the more closely you'll match with someone with the same interests in your travel destination. If you have a pic or two of you shopping in Camden Market or tubing in Vail, upload those instead of boring selfies. Make sure your settings are set for discovery so that potential international users can find you.

    If You're Only Interested In Friendships and Learning About The Destination Make That Clear

    FWB or “friends with benefits” is a very popular aspect of Tinder that's pretty ubiquitous no matter where you travel. If you have no interest in these extra “benefits,” be upfront in your bio. Although Tinder is infamous as a hookup app, some people do use the program to meet friends and travel connections. Make sure your initial tagline expresses your interests directly because many users never read past the first two lines.

    Know The Lingo

    If you're searching for matches in a destination that you've never visited, research the local culture before you hop on Tinder.

    You might not catch certain phrases and references that could lead to sticky situations. For instance, lots of Brits are searching for “bangers and mash” on Tinder. You might think they're after the classic English dish of sausage and mashed potatoes but it's also slang for sex. So, yeah, look up popular terms before you travel anywhere.

    Consider The Top Ten

    If you're still making your travel plans and haven't decided on your destination yet. Consider the ten most active locations on Tinder for inspiration. Your potential for finding great connections will definitely increase in 1. The U.S.; 2. UK; 3. Brazil; 4. Canada; 5. France; 6. Australia; 7. Germany; 8.The Netherlands; 9. Mexico; 10. Spain

    Be Smart

    Use the same common sense you use when meeting strangers for the first time at home. Do not give out too much personal information, like your hotel and if you're traveling alone. Arrange to meet in public places where lots of onlookers are present.

    Do not agree to check out someone's apartment for an “authentic experience” unless you've done a background check and crossed them off the list of scam artists, criminals and weirdos. Or, just do not agree to go to someone's home.

    If you follow these tips and keep an open mind, traveling with Tinder can elevate your swipes and create lasting travel connections all over the world.


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