Last updated: 04:00 PM ET, Thu October 27 2016

Travel Photography: How to Best Capture the Moment

Travel Photography: How to Best Capture the Moment

Photo courtesy of Collette

Who doesn’t bring along a device capable of taking pictures on vacation? But you need more than good equipment to truly capture the spirit of a destination.

There is a learning curve, but it’s not too steep — Collette’s blogger Kristen Gilbert consulted the company’s photography team to find out the most important elements of a good travel photo.

In terms of photographing people, the experts say capturing candid moments is more important than a posed shot and to kneel down when taking pictures of children to portray their viewpoint.

Animals are best shot in the morning or late afternoon, at eye level with a fast shutter speed. Don’t get too close, though, to be safe.

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When photographing nature (which also applies to other types of pictures) Gilbert conveyed, “Experiment with color, texture, lines angles and apertures.” Don’t be afraid to wake up your inner artiste and get creative with all these elements.

Some other things to look for when composing a shot: ways to portray scale and size, shadows and reflections, and as Gilbert declared: “light is everything!” when getting that perfect photograph.

This is just a preview, to dive into more travel photography tips, visit Collette’s blog.