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    Travel To Find The Origin Of Five Great Salads

    Travel To Find The Origin Of Five Great Salads

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    So you have decided that you are going to go healthy on your next vacation and not eat so much that you come home 10 pounds heavier than when you left. You decide that you see salad in your future.  But if you are going to eat salad, you are going to track down the originals, so that you know that you are getting tried and true recipes.  Well, here ya go.

    Caesar Salad – San Diego, California / Tijuana, Mexico

    Originally traced back to Caesar Cardini, an Italian immigrant from the San Deigo area, the Caesar Salad is said to have first made its appearance in Cardini’s restaurants in Mexico and the Unites States. According to his daughter, on July fourth weekend in 1924, the kitchen was so depleted that he threw together whatever he had and tossed the salad table side for dramatic flair. 

    It is fair to note that even though there are different owners, you can still go to Caesar’s Restaurant in Tijuana and get an authentic tableside tossed Caesar Salad. Often not known, the salad is still served with whole leaves of Romaine Lettuce, just like in 1924.

    Waldorf Salad – New York City

    Somewhere between the years of 1893 and 1896, the Waldorf Hotel in New York City’s maître d'hôtel, Oscar Tschirky, is credited with coming up with the original recipe for the Waldorf Salad. This salad is made up of fresh apples, celery and walnuts, dressed in mayonnaise, and usually served on a bed of lettuce. 

    The Waldorf eventually merged with the Astoria Hotel next door to become the Waldorf-Astoria and as it still stands there today, you can still get the original Waldorf Salad in any of the hotel's eateries.

    King Louis Salad – Spokane, Washington / San Francisco California

    Many places in both cities claim the fame to this turn-of-the-century salad featuring crab meat, hard-boiled eggs, tomato, asparagus, all served on a bed of Iceberg lettuce with a mayonnaise-based dressing and chili sauce on the side. If you are looking to get one of the original salads today, head to the Davenport Hotel in Spokane where they have been serving the salad since before 1914. Or if you are looking in San Francisco, head to the Palace Hotel, the place that made the Crab Louis Salad famous in the 1950s.

    Cobb Salad – Hollywood, California

    Well, there is controversy amongst the staff of the original Brown Derby in Hollywood, suffice it to say the salad was named for owner Bob Cobb. Consisting of chopped chicken or turkey, bacon, hard cooked eggs, tomatoes, avocado, cheddar cheese, and lettuce, the Cobb Salad was devised sometime between 1929 and 1937.

    There are a few of the chain restaurants left in Ohio with most of them being called Brown Derby Roadhouse but, if you are looking for the closest to the real thing, head to Disney Hollywood Studios in Orlando where they have a replica that serves up nostalgia right down to the Cobb Salad.

    Chef’s Salad – New York

    There is a lot of discussion as to the starting place of the chef’s salad, but it boils down to either chef Victor Seydoux at the Hotel Buffalo in Buffalo, New York or chef Jacques Roser at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. Seydoux went on to work at the Ritz-Carlton in Nerw York City where they placed the Chef’s Salad on the menu. His widow is quoted as saying that the recipe started in Buffalo and when the chef was asked to name the off menu item, he said, “Well it’s a real chef’s salad.”

    If you are looking to get one of those nowadays, you can go just about anywhere, but unfortunately neither the Ritz or the Hotel Pennsylvania serves them anymore, and the Hotel Buffalo is no longer in existence.


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