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Turquoize, at Cancun’s Hyatt Ziva: The Inclusive Adults-Only All-Inclusive

Turquoize, at Cancun’s Hyatt Ziva: The Inclusive Adults-Only All-Inclusive

Photo courtesy of Playa Hotels & Resorts

What do we really want in an adult-only all-inclusive vacation? Turquoize, at the Hyatt Ziva in Cancun, gives you everything you could possibly dream of and then some.

Ah, the adult-only all-inclusive. You’ve seen it advertised — 18 and over, the total adult experience.  We all know it means no kids, and you would expect it is catering to a more mature audience given you must be an “adult.”

I would expect an incredible spa, luxury rooms, premium liquor brands, swanky lounges, nightclubs and sexy decor.  As a mother of three, I’m looking forward to a getaway where I’ll be pampered, have someone else take care of ME for a change, and assist with my every need when possible, such as dinner reservations, ironing a dress, picking me up at the airport and making spa appointments for me.

Webster says an adult is, “fully grown, mature and sensible and not childish.” That makes me laugh, as many adults I know are immature and very childish. Everyone likes to act like a kid every now and then. 

It started me thinking, where is the best “adult all inclusive” when girls want to get away, have fun, perhaps act a little sophomoric in nature?  Two years ago, my 12 best friends and I took a “girls trip” to an adult only all-inclusive in Mexico. We were so excited to kick back for a few days on the beach, have drinks, hit the spa, eat in several restaurants and dance ‘til the wee hours. 

It was then we learned that “adult-only” all-inclusives aren’t all created equal. The resort we chose did indeed only allow adults, so that part was true. However, when we arrived we quickly realized where the term “third wheel” came from. The entire place was couples. It immediately changed the vibe of the trip.

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While we were not looking to meet single men, we wanted to hang out and walk into bars where we didn’t feel like we were interrupting couples. Even walking into the spa, several couples gave us odd looks, and we immediately felt out of place. There just didn’t seem to be as many non-couples at the resort looking for the same kind of fun we were. We were celebrating a 40th birthday and the resort was very quiet for us. I had mentioned that I’d love a resort where they welcomed everyone, but had an adult-only section on property. I felt it would offer the best of both worlds. 

I’m so thrilled Playa Hotels and Resorts now offers that option with the brand new Turquoize at Hyatt Ziva Cancun. This concept gives you the best of both worlds. It is an adult-only tower, which has private check-in, private transfers to and from the airport (with a four night minimum stay) personalized, professional butler service, rooftop pool and bar for adults only and direct access to the spa from a private elevator. 

You can also be a kid, as there is a candy shop called Pasteles — this is great to hit after getting your coffee in the amazing Casa Cafe coffee bar. You also have access to our other adult-only resort, Hyatt Zilara Cancun. Our girls’ trip had the best time here this year, as it awarded us everything we were looking for, including a world-class gym and beautiful dolphins to look at each morning on our daily walks.

For the well-traveled, it’s always nice to have options. Each vacation we take has a different meaning with different wants and need. I’m so happy Playa Hotels and Resorts had the vision to create Turquoize at Hyatt Ziva Cancun for those groups that want the adult getaway, with an “everyone welcome” concept at the resort. We will be back to act like kids again, who are technically adults according to Webster.