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    Where to Drink Whisky in Edinburgh

    Where to Drink Whisky in Edinburgh

    PHOTO: The Scotch Whisky Experience's array of spirits. (photo by Worldwide Scott)

    Scotland is a striking land full of sweeping vistas, haunting lochs, and an enthralling history featuring joyous triumphs, sullen defeats, and an intellectual enlightenment that starred some of the greatest thinkers Europe has ever known.

    Still, for many of us though (I’m using “us” here so I don’t feel too bad about myself), all of that takes a backseat to the fact that Scotland is the place that gave the world whisky.

    And when people like “us” visit Scotland, we want to sip some whisky.

    In order to do a deep dive into the world of Scottish whisky, you’re probably going to want to explore the distilleries of the Scottish Highlands, lowlands, and coastal islands of the country. You’re probably going to want to take long, scenic walks past streams with whisky distillers, asking them questions about their craft, sampling their wares at every opportunity.

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    But what if, like many travelers, you are only going to be in the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh? How are you going to get the best whisky experience in Edinburgh? Well, I’ve got good news for you, you can still get a nice sampling of Scottish whisky in the bustling capital, and here are a few of the best places:

    The Scotch Whisky Experience

    Located a cannonball’s throw from brooding Edinburgh Castle, the Scotch Whisky Experience features interactive exhibits, workshops, a theme-park-esque ride that guides you through a virtual distillery featuring a very friendly ghost, and of course plenty of whisky sampling.

    The highlight of the experience is certainly the nearly 4,000-strong collection of whisky bottles, meticulously collected over the years and now dazzlingly displayed in glass cases. The Scotch Whisky Experience is also home to the Amber Bar, which serves hundreds of Scotch whiskies from all over Scotland and even has exclusive internal lighting meant to aid in the analyzing of your whisky pour.

    Bennets Bar

    Full of dark woods, stained glass, smooth leather couches, and over a century’s worth of history, Bennets Bar is a local Edinburgh icon for whisky drinking. Featuring over 100 bottles of the “water of life,” Bennets Bar is the type of bar where everybody knows everybody’s name and strangers become fast friends — and after a day of being a tourist, you’ll definitely appreciate this place.

    The Bow Bar

    Home to over 300 bottles of single malt whisky and a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, The Bow Bar is probably the best combination of voluminous whisky bar and real pub in Edinburgh. The whisky list here is full of rarities (think newly-released or newly-discontinued) from all over Scotland, and the bar takes special pride in their extensive knowledge of the spirit and their willingness to pass it on to customers.

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    Despite the name that screams, “we are really trying hard to be cool,” and its location directly on the touristy Royal Mile, Whiski really brings the goods. Over 300 bottles of the spirit are stored on its shelves, poured alongside a delicious menu full of traditional Scottish fare. This combination has led to Whiski being a multi-accolade winner on the Scottish Whisky Award stage, and is the perfect place for a delicious whisky-centric dinner. 

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