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    Why September is The Best Month to Go to Europe

    Why September is The Best Month to Go to Europe

    PHOTO: York is beautiful anytime of year, but it's more affordable in September. Gotta give that an edge. (All photos by Worldwide Scott)

    If there’s one question I get asked more than any other about traveling in Europe, it’s, “so where is Slovenia, again?” The second most popular is “what time of the year should I go over?” While the first inquiry requires a sentence or two and sometimes even a map and laser pointer to answer, the second simply requires a few syllables:


    When I used to swing over to Europe for zany traveling adventures, September was my month of choice on several occasions, and now that I live here, I am wholeheartedly standing by September as the best month to travel Europe. Why? Well, quite a few reasons, actually:

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    The Weather

    Most of Europe lines up with the northern tier of the United States and Southern Canada, so while September is still technically summer here, cooler temperatures are descending on the continent quickly. This results in more moderate temperatures in those Southern European places that are prone to July and August oppressiveness like Spain, Italy, Croatia, and Greece; meaning there’s much less of a chance of getting beaten down and burned out on sightseeing by noon. And if you were skipping the sightseeing anyway because you just came to go to park yourself on a beach, well you’ll be happy to know that the water temperatures are still perfect in September.

    While Central and Northern Europe are certainly cooling off, there’s still a very good chance of catching “72 and sunny” streaks anywhere you go; and we all know this is the “goldilocks zone” for sightseeing, outdoor activities, and patio imbibing. 

    The Thinning Of The Herds

    Americans flock to Europe en masse in June, July, and August, with the latter being the hands-down most popular holidaying month for Europeans. September is still very popular, but you are definitely bound to see fewer of your fellow travelers during its thirty days; meaning there are more available seats on trains and ferries, empty spots on the beach, and more selfie room at museums and iconic sights. 

    Lower Prices

    Europe isn’t ever dirt cheap, but with the thinning of the tourist herds, hotel and hostel rates slip a bit in September, especially during the week. The same goes for Airbnbs, as renters start to see slightly lighter bookings, they’re more likely to lower their prices or be more willing to wheel-and-deal in those private message negotiation sessions. My advice: do big cities during the week and then smaller towns on the weekends.

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    The Best Fests

    Even though it’s called Oktoberfest, most of Munich’s famous beer festival takes place in September (the dates for the festival this year are 9/17-10/3, if you’re wondering). Stuttgart’s equally-amazing rival Cannstatter Volksfest starts and ends one week later; and the ninth calendar page is also home to fun fests like the invigorating Il Palio horserace in Asti, Italy, crazy closing parties on the Spanish island of Ibiza, and the start of wine harvest festivals.

    September Soccer

    With European soccer more popular than ever in America, many travelers want to mix a match into their itinerary nowadays. Well, if you come over in June, July, or early August, it’s pretty slim pickings. By September though, all of the big domestic leagues, UEFA Champions League, and World Cup or Euro Qualifiers are on-the-go, and you’ll find getting a seat to an early season match easier than a late season derby. 

    All of this, plus the added benefit of still getting to look forward to your trip when everyone else is posting those Facebook statuses about “the last day of vacation” in mid-August.

    See you in September. 

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