Last updated: 05:00 AM ET, Thu November 10 2016

Xcaret’s Sea Turtle Conservation Program is Certified

Xcaret’s Sea Turtle Conservation Program is Certified

Photo courtesy of Xcaret

Xcaret is a major proponent of conservation, especially when it comes to sea turtles. So it was a landmark moment when the Quintana Roo park’s efforts were certified by the Latin American Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums.

As Xcaret puts it, “In over 25 years of hard work, important information has been generated related to the management of sea turtle populations, both in captivity and in the wild; this has enabled the development of various programs that have been successfully established.”

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These programs include beach protection, which helps hatchlings successfully reach the sea and monitors female turtles; initiation, where only the strongest juvenile turtles are released into the water; tracking and monitoring, which is the use of technology to find out about turtle behavior and biology at sea; rescue and rehabilitation, where injured or stranded turtles get medical help; and environmental awareness, which uses educational programs to impart important knowledge about responsible conservation stewardship.

To find out more about Xcaret’s sea turtle conservation efforts, visit the park’s blog.