Last updated: 12:45 PM ET, Wed November 30 2016

Take Advantage of Holiday Sale Time

Dear Tammy: This past weekend was Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Now, of course, everyone is focused on their holiday shopping. In the meantime, my sales seem to be going down because nobody is thinking of taking a trip or a vacation. What should I do?

Tammy: I don’t believe that there aren’t people who are thinking about taking a vacation, especially when the holidays get chaotic. Last week, at one point, I was stuck in the car while we drove from one destination to another. It was Black Friday and you would think that I would be ordering what I want for the holidays. No! Sitting in the passenger seat with nothing but time on my hands, I was taking advantage of this time in the car to contact clients. Taking advantage of our Black Friday deals for our clients, I was literally in the middle of nowhere and made three sales.

Also, travel makes a great gift, so this is prime time for you to be out hustling for sales. Have you ever heard of the quote, “take advantage of every opportunity?” Take advantage of holiday sale time! Create a package and start hustling. Place advertisements touting that travel is a great gift, doesn’t take up any space under the tree and can even be a great stocking stuffer. Talk to corporations in your area because they will be looking for holiday gifts to give to their employees. Donate small gifts to local school holiday fundraisers to get your name out there, which could lead to future sales. All of these are great ways to market your business to new customers and make sales in a time that you think is normally not a time to think about travel.

Don’t forget about your existing customers too. Take time to reach out to them this month, wish them a happy holiday and a Happy New Year. Maybe in all the holiday chaos, they need your help now more than ever. They don’t have time to plan a spring break vacation, so you can do it for them.

The best thing about our business is that you can build it at any time and work from anywhere. So if it’s you that is traveling to see family this month and you are short on time, think about how you can utilize your down time at the airports, on the train or, like me, in the car, to grow your business. You’ll be surprised how successful you will be!