Last updated: 12:00 PM ET, Wed October 19 2016

What Fam Trips Should I Take?

Dear Tammy: I love fam trips and I receive a lot of offers to go on them. I think they are a great way to learn about properties and I’m interested in taking as many as I can. I wanted your opinion on what kind of fam trips I should actually take and how often?


Fam trips are terrific opportunities to learn about properties that are new or new to you. The goal of taking a fam trip is to familiarize yourself with a property and, if you liked it, go home and sell it to your clients. Educating yourself so you can educate your clients is a great path to success. That being said, you should not be going on a fam trip every month. If you are a fam ‘addict,’ it means that you are not staying home enough to actually sell travel.

I prefer attending education programs. I want to learn about properties first and not just jump on the bandwagon of fams. For example, in my own TASK program (which stands for Travel Agent Success Kit), travel agents learn how to sell and how to generate leads, etc., while also having site visits to properties. You are learning how to grow your business while you are also on a fam. You’re not just bouncing from resort to resort just to sit on the beach and eat. 

Another idea is go to global events that have appointment settings and learn about the country, the hotels and the vendors. Then follow up on a fam if that is the destination you want to be selling. I love this concept and just came back from a luxury forum. I got to do a mini fam prior to the event with a one-on-one appointment. Then, in the afternoon, I was able to enjoy other activities or tour on my own. I met vendors and partners that were suited to me and then I asked to join them in the fams they provided. 

The bottom line is, if fams are calculated and precise to your needs, they will work and become lucrative for you. If, however, you’re looking at just another free trip, you will be disappointed and will not get what you need to get out of it. Think of it this way: education first. Grow your business while learning, networking and building strategic partnerships that make sense.