Established in 1995, Nexion has blazed its own trail into the travel industry as a leading host agency.  It tailors to the specific needs of independent travel agents in the U.S. by providing quality service to drive business and increase profits.  Through innovative strategies, extensive training programs, webinars, and the right technology, its clients are immensely upheld by Nexion’s team of travel experts, who aim to assist their home-based clients with their entrepreneurships.  Whether its clients are new to the industry or veterans, the company‘s impressive reputation and countless accolades prove it is never too late to develop new skills and build long lasting relationships.  By becoming a member of Nexion means having a supporter wanting to see its agents’ business ideas transform into reality.

Nexion Videos

Nexion's New Agent Programs

Cris De Souza, vice president sales and marketing for Nexion, talks about new training and education programs from the mega-host travel agency.