Hedonism Resorts


Once a part of the SuperClubs family, Hedonism II and III were very unique vacation resorts.  Hedonism II, now owned by Marshmallow Ltd, caters exclusively to adults.  Although under the possession of new owners, the resort’s services are intended to remain unaltered, allowing vacationers to be as liberal as possible under the tropical setting of Negril, Jamaica.  With plans to invest $10 million into its renovations, Hedonism II will be more marketable, hoping to keep its loyal free spirits as well as attract a multiplicity of newcomers.  The closing of Hedonism III in August 2010 and Hedonism I never surfacing, makes Hedonism II stand out on its own with its over-the-top amenities and carefree lifestyle, where clothes are optional.  The resort pushes the envelope by allowing its guests to come as they are, and makes no plans to change its seductive atmosphere.