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About Manulife Travel Insurance

Manulife Travel Insurance offers financial protection for covered expenses against unexpected financial loss or material loss. If an emergency arises when you're travelling away from your home province, territory or country, emergency travel medical insurance can help protect you and the ones you love. Professional multilingual representatives and a knowledgeable support team can assist you with emergency medical care whenever you need it, every day of the year.

Choosing Manulife Travel Insurance can help protect your investment when choosing the travel medical insurance plan that's right for you. Whether you are going away for a quick weekend jaunt, or taking an extended trip, you are sure to find travel insurance coverage that best meets your needs. Best of all, our travel insurance plans help you find a plan that both helps protect your investment and works with your travel budget. When you consider that the cost of insurance is minimal when compared to the expensive risks associated with emergencies, you'll agree that Manulife's insurance packages offer excellent value.

Why purchase travel insurance? There are many excellent reasons to purchase travel insurance when traveling abroad, consider these cases when deciding on travel insurance for Canadians:
• Your credit card coverage may be limited and may not protect your entire travel costs and investment
• Your group policy through your workplace may not provide the travel coverage you want
• Your government health insurance plan may not protect you when travelling abroad
• You may want coverage for a variety of situations which are not covered by your current insurance plan
Help stay protected when you travel with Manulife Travel Insurance.

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