Dan Chappelle


Dan Chappelle is an expert in transforming travel salespeople into peak performers. He can be reached at dan@danchappelle.com.

Latest Articles By Dan Chappelle

  • Dec 2019 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     What’s in a Brand?

    Your customers don’t care about what you call your company—they care about you and what you can do for them.

  • Dec 2019 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     Overcoming Challenges

    Focus on prospecting and fundamentals to really help your business grow.

  • Nov 2019 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     Taking Control

    Don't let potential clients intimidate or bully you—your services as a travel agent are valuable.

  • Nov 2019 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     ‘Acres of Diamonds’

    Recognize the potential to grow your business among your community connections.