Drew Daly

Drew Daly


Drew Daly is a 25-year travel industry veteran and currently serves as the SVP and General Manager for CruiseOne, Dream Vacations and Cruises Inc., a division of World Travel Holdings. He is the author of the book “Selling Fun” and a regular contributor offering travel advice and tips on NBC and FOX affiliates; and is often cited as an industry expert in the travel trade.

Latest Articles By Drew Daly

  • Nov 2022 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     Gratitude Is Everything

    The season of giving thanks is upon us, although for us travel professionals, it is more than just a season of gratitude.

  • Sep 2022 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     Press the Reset Button

    Fall is right around the corner and it’s a great time to refocus on your business.

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     Share Your Journey

    With the summer season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to build your knowledge base on a few key products that will be great “conversation fillers” with others.

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     Springing Into More Sales

    Keep in mind that you build your business one conversation at a time.

  • Jan 2022 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     New Beginnings

    This January means a little more to all of us in the travel space. It is a new beginning and a new start to helping people experience the world and create unforgettable travel experiences.

  • Nov 2021 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     A Time For Thanks

    Take a moment to congratulate yourself, reconnect with clients and begin thinking about what you want from your business in 2022.

  • Sep 2021 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     Planning Ahead

    The best way to strategize is to review your current business plan to see where you are tracking for 2021.

  • Jul 2021 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     Sharing Your Travel Experiences With Clients

    Having your own experiences will allow you to be more confident in presenting the best options for your customers.

  • May 2021 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     Virtual Overload

    It's time for Travel Advisors to shine once again as pent-up demand for travel is unleased.

  • Mar 2021 | AGENTatHOME Magazine

     Competing with the Clock

    The Daly Dish will offer a fresh perspective by sharing a tip or idea for your business to help you move forward and grow.