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The Teatro Juarez at night in Guanajuato
The Teatro Juarez at night in Guanajuato (photo via Guanajuato Tourism)

Guanajuato, Live Great Stories

The state of Guanajuato, located in the center of Mexico, in the region known as El Bajío, and home to the colonial jewels of San Miguel de Allende and the state’s capital, Guanajuato City, has started its tourism reactivation with the launch of its new brand with the slogan “Guanajuato, Live Great Stories.”

Guanajuato has a rich history dating back to pre-Hispanic times, when nomadic indigenous populations made areas of the state their home, leaving behind unique archeological sites. The state is also the cradle of the Mexican independence movement and houses some of the most well-maintained colonial and baroque aquiculture of the Spanish conquest in the country. In additional, Guanajuato boasts a diverse terrain. A drive across its landscape brings visitors to deserts, ever green areas, urbane and industrial cities, and zones rich in flora and fauna.



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