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Hot Springs and Well Being in Chile!

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Forget about work and all your obligations. Just relax and let yourself go at the many natural hot springs scattered throughout Chile. These instant ‘fountains of youth’ have a multitude of both physical and beauty benefits. In the north of Chile, copy Cleopatra’s beauty regime and plaster your body with mud. Enjoy amazing views of the Altiplano as you soak in the outdoor pools near Arica. If you need to completely recharge your batteries, the magnesium-rich hot springs close to San Pedro de Atacama will leave you feeling thoroughly relaxed. In the central region, there are many heavenly hot springs and spas (many of which also boast first-rate restaurants and hotel facilities).

Is your body crying out for a stress cure in calm, green surroundings? You’ll find hundreds of pools in the many southern hot springs. Some are simple outdoor ponds, while others offer luxurious facilities in which to enjoy their warm waters, relaxing massages and other complementary therapies to round off your wellbeing experience.



Chile, South America

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