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FREE: Calculate the Cost of Your Time

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Calculate the Cost of Your Time- Free Worksheet
Calculate the Cost of Your Time- Free Worksheet (Courtesy of Cruise Planners)

Calculate the cost of your time


You’ve heard the phrase Time = Money, but have you ever actually considered how much your time is worth? Where are you spending the bulk of your time, and how much is it costing you?

Each hour you spend doing something other than selling is taking away potential profits from your business. What if you could shift all the hours you spend on tasks like sending emails, marketing, and researching to actual selling?

Would you make more money? This interactive worksheet will help you better understand how you spend your time each week and the actual cost of every activity to your business. You may be surprised by how much time (and money) you might be wasting.

Use this FREE INTERACTIVE WORKSHEET to see how you are spending your time

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