Last updated: 09:28 AM ET, Thu July 30 2020

Now More Than Ever, It’s Important You Get the Support You Deserve!

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PHOTO: Cruise Planners home-based franchise owners celebrate at annual convention held in Hollywood, Florida. (photo via Cruise Planners)

Get the Most from Your Host

It has been a challenging time for everyone involved this industry that we love. Through it all, you have been working tirelessly to help your clients, but are you getting the support you deserve, and do you have all the resources you need? At Cruise Planners, we are doing everything possible to support our travel advisors, including:

• Created a live cancellation and refund policies grid for all top suppliers
• Producing customized marketing, social media and video content to adjust to changing situations
• Waiving monthly fees during the challenging times
• Hosting live webinars with Cruise Planners owners and executives and travel supplier executives
• Advocating for travel advisor commission protection with major cruise lines
• Built a custom tool into our proprietary software to track all client FCCs

Now more than ever, it’s important that you get the support you deserve. Click below to learn more about how Cruise Planners is supporting its travel advisors and how you can make the switch.

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