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Featured Excursion: Swim with the Dolphins in Bermuda!

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Bottle-nose dolphin jumping in Caribbean sea
PHOTO: Bottle-nose dolphin jumping in Caribbean sea (photo via Kryssia Campos / Getty Images / Moment)

Make a new friend for life!

It'll be love at first sight when you see our amazing dolphins in this shallow- and deep-water dolphin swim experience. During this interactive 45-minute program, our marine mammal specialists will teach you about these fascinating creatures and then you'll have an opportunity to interact with them. Our dolphins will give you a "hands-on" greeting as you sit on an underwater platform. You'll swim right alongside, give them a belly run, give them signals to perform certain behaviors and, after donning a snorkel mask, watch the dolphins underwater and listen to their echolocation. Just like the "smiling" dolphins, this very special experience will leave you with a smile on your face

On this tour, you will:

  • Meet and feed the dolphin(s)
  • Touch the dolphin(s)
  • Swim alongside the dolphin(s)
  • 45 minute program - 15 minute orientation and 30 minutes in the water
  • Receive free admission to the National Museum of Bermuda for program participant
  • Free use of wet suits from November 12th - March 31st
  • Free use of hot tub from November 12th - March 31st



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