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Reach the 95% of Travel Agents Who Don't Attend Physical Trade Shows

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Virtual Events
Virtual Events

Reach the 95% of Travel Agents Who Don't Attend Physical Trade Shows

Virtual Travel Events are the leading digital event platform for travel advisors and travel industry suppliers.

Benefits of a Virtual Events:

Social Interactivity
Provide your audience with the most engaging experience incorporating interactive social elements such as group chats, social networking, lounges, live and on-demand webinars, and much more.

Broader Reach
A wide audience base can be reached, as travel agents enjoy the freedom to attend from a coffee shop, office, or even their own home. Even for those unable to attend the live dates, they can view the content on demand.

Lead Generation - Analytics & Reporting
• Full database of booth visitors - including geographical data, annual sales data, products sold data, industry membership/consortia data and more • Collateral consumption data • Chat logs

Increased Productivity/Time Saving
Attending a physical trade show takes a considerable amount of time and money for you as well as busy travel agents who are focused on selling you. With this need eliminated, you save on costs and prospective audience members may be more likely to sign up as a result!

Increased Brand Awareness
Promotion of the Virtual event takes place before, during and post event, meaning a vast potential audience of travel agents can be reached online, increasing the visibility of your brand.

The average Virtual Event saves thousands in travel costs per attendee and exhibitor.

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