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Victoria Falls from the air.

Victoria Falls

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When the thought of Victoria Falls comes to mind, many tourists aware of the world-famous waterfall jump for joy in hopes of witnessing its waters majestically “smoke and thunder” as they crash onto the flowing river.  Adjacent to this glorious attraction, sits the town of Victoria Falls, Africa, a quaint destination nestled on the southern bank of the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe.  If you listen closely you may hear the roaring falls echo in the distance, but even throughout the village’s narrow streets a warmth encompasses it as welcoming locals and the eclectic African flair bids you hello.

The village of Victoria Falls is a natural beauty in itself, drawing many onto its landscape with the vibrant songs of wildlife and dense trees interspersed among picturesque wooden buildings.  On any average day the town transforms into a safari with monkeys playfully greeting travelers and elephants migrating to the town’s center.  Furthermore, dazzlingly buzzing with the hustle and bustle of Victoria Falls’ African natives, taking a stroll along its rustic terrain allows visitors to delve deeper into the town’s profound heritage.  From markets bursting with local trinkets to a riveting gastronomic experience, Victoria Falls is well worth the visit.

And of course the village’s rising star is none other than the sparkling waterfall, the Victoria Falls, which is locally known as "Mosi-oa-Tunya." With millions of years in existence, the natural fountain stretches over a mile long and makes a drastic dive of about 350 feet. Its spray is so powerful there is rarely a moment when visitors are not entranced by its mist.  Whether you’re biking through the small town or rafting along fierce streams, the metropolis of Victoria Falls is grandiosely immersed in adventure.

Victoria Falls’ idyllic weather is experienced year-round with dry and mild winters as well as hot summers.  During the town’s cold season (May -September), the temperature averages highs within the lower-80s to the mid-70s and lows in the 50s to mid-40s.  In the warm season (August - April) the climate rises to the low-90s and decrease to the mid-60s to upper -50s.

Victoria Fall is accessible from the Victoria Falls Airport, which can be found a few miles south from the town’s location.  From the airport, international flights to Namibia and Johannesburg are also available. Once inside of the village tourists can explore its landscape by taxi. However, using foot power is the best way to enjoy Victoria Falls’ scenery, and most importantly to become familiarize with the authentic African culture.