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Mother and son swimming with nurse sharks (photo via shalamov / iStock / Getty Images Plus)


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Yacht at the wooden jetty. Exuma, BahamasWooden pier. Exuma, Bahamas (photo via astra490 / iStock / Getty Images Plus)
PHOTO: Yacht in Exuma, Bahamas. (photo via astra490/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

With 365 beautiful cays to explore, the Exumas is arguably one of the Bahamas’ most must-see destinations. It is a 120 mile archipelago, with gem-like islands sparkling under the radiance of the Caribbean sun. Divided into the Great Exuma, Little Exuma and the Exuma Cays, they each have a unique charm that lures a diversity of tourists onto their sugary playgrounds. With such an open heart and laidback appeal, Exuma, Bahamas keeps travelers coming back for more, longing for the opportunity to discover the magnificence that lies within all of its many cays.

Known in antiquity as Suma and Yumey, the Exumas are a chain of islands within the Bahamian Out Islands. The story of Exuma was first brought to life by Loyalists who found refuge from the Revolutionary War. These settlers brought slaves who managed their cotton plantations. Now, Exuma entertains the rich and famous and many a drifter with its Bahamian-way-of-life.

From the luxurious celebrity homes of the Exuma Cays to the Tropic of Cancer flowing through the charming city of George Town in Great Exuma, the islands offer much more than what meets the eye. Divers and snorkelers will be dazzled by the 400 ft deep blue hole of Mystery Cave; explore the ancient stromatolites of Stocking Island; make a special bond with the swimming pigs of Major’s Spot Cay; and roam through the natural beauty of Moria Harbour Cay National Park.

Two of the famous swimming pigs of Exuma, Bahamas.
Two of the famous swimming pigs of Exuma, Bahamas. (photo via iStock / Getty Images Plus)

The small trails of George Town will completely immerse you into the Bahamian culture with its variety of shops bursting at the seams with local handcrafts. The islands’ restaurants are also a great way to rub elbows with locals as they generously look forward to filling your appetites with their Caribbean flavors. A visit to Exuma is not complete without a taste of its conch delicacies and seafood platters drenched in Caribbean spices and cooked to perfection just for you.

Exuma is characterized by a tropical climate. From June to October (summer) the temperature faces highs in the low-90s and low in the mid-70s. During December to March (winter) the weather fluctuates between a high in the low-80s to a low in the mid-60s.

The Exumas are serviced by Exuma International Airport which is located in Great Exuma Island. The Exumas’ different islands can be explored via ferry boat. In George Town car rental is available for tourists wanting to travel at their own pace; however, taxi service is also a convenient mode of transportation in the town. Nevertheless, the islands are best explored with a leisurely walk through their picturesque trails.