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Aerial view of Road town on Tortola the capital of British Virgin islands (photo via shalamov / iStock / Getty Images Plus)


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Tortola harbour in the West Indies
Tortola harbour in the West Indies

Tortola, the largest of the British Virgin Islands, is much more than a destination blessed with miles of pristine beaches and endless sunshine. It is immersed in a captivating history, drenched in the rich aromas of Caribbean flavors, and speckled with must- see archeological gems. Tortola Island, British Virgin Islands is heaven on earth for the traveler in need of relaxation mixed with an impressive culture. It is an exotic treasure which can solely be defined as---incredible. So get your summer gear ready and stroll along the island’s charming trails where boaters, swimmers, and historians all come to acquire a taste of the Tortola-experience.

For centuries Tortola has enchanted many a drifter with its extraordinary beauty. From a past stemmed by slavery to its vibrant seafaring industry, the island has undergone many experiences, transforming it into the tourist magnet that exists today. An exploration across the island’s landscape will leave your footprints in the sand as you head towards the Caribbean blue or deeply transport you into the island’s heritage as classic landmarks, boutiques, and museums enrich your senses. Tortola is also proud to showcase its love for music and dance as vivacious celebrations such as the Full Moon Party and the Emancipation Festivals rock the streets with their colorful rhythms. Whether basking in the islands natural wonders at the Sage Mountain National Park or uncovering the ancient legends of the Sugar Cane distillery, Tortola Island is nothing short of delightful.

If you are looking for a souvenir to nourish your memories, then Main Street is the place to be. From authentic West Indian spices, “made in Tortola” jewelry, in addition to body products and fabrics, they are all arm’s length away. Tortola Island has also made its mark on the gourmet map, bringing ancient and modern specialties together which cause an explosion of flavors that will satisfy your pallet. Traditional foods like roti, curry goat, conch, and sea food delicacies intoxicate the atmosphere of the island’s restaurants with their mouth-watering fragrances.

Tortola Island’s weather is characterized by a tropical savanna climate. From the months of June to September (warm season) the temperature of the island averages around highs around 90°F and decreases to approximately 85°F at night. During December to March (cold season) the weather fluctuates between a high of 85°F to a low of 75°F.

Tortola is serviced by Terrence B. Lettsome Airport (EIS). Ferries are accessible from the harbor at Road Town, which are also a great mode of transportation for inter-island hopping. The British Virgin Island provides an extensive line of buses for traveling throughout its islands, and taxis are also available to transport you to your desired location.