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Bristol harbourside at autumn showing ships, buildings, trees, birds and people (Photo via NXiao / iStock / Getty Images Plus)


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The story of Bristol, England occurred a long time ago as pirating, shipbuilders and a vivacious seafaring atmosphere made a great splash onto its harbor.  Its past retraces the voyages of significant pirates like Blackbeard and Bartholomew Roberts, while honoring the expeditions of the Great Western and ss Great Britain steamships, which were testament to its repute around the statement “shipshape and Bristol fashion.”  Bristol unforgettable tale is continuously celebrated among its locals and presented throughout its landscapes in museums, shops, landmarks, in addition to galleries.  If you are a lover of the book Treasure Island, you will find its pages unfold while covering the footprints of Alexander Selkirk, who was brought to life as the prominent character Robinson Crusoe.  Bristol continues to make positive strides as a mecca of culture, a discovery of legends, and a home to world-class sights.

Bristol’s fantastic geography has plunged the city into the heart of the Avon River.  It is a contrast of adventures offering a taste of the English culture whether it is on water or land.  Its streets symbolize its rich past as elaborate architectonic buildings display their iconic styles while concealing some of England’s most priceless gems.  Built in 18th century décor, the Georgian House brings to life the story of African slave Pero, whose legacy was honored with the naming of the Pero’s Bridge. The historic ss Great Britain steamboat unveils great stories of ancient voyages.  Nelson Street is a treat for the eyes, boasting buildings illuminated with colorful art.   Also, Gromit Unleashed is an impressive exhibition of the popular animation.  From outdoor sports to riding the waves, there is something for every traveler to enjoy.

Shopping in Bristol is a special delight for all fashionistas. From districts to malls, the city is adorned with souvenirs, designs, and handicrafts made for every taste.  The foot-friendly Shopping Quarter is where buyers escape to indulge in the city’s unique merchandise.  Dotted with hundreds of stores it echoes the excited frenzy of its anxious shoppers.  Within a short distance from the square you will also find an array of quaint shops like Stanford and Harvey Nichols bursting with eccentric treasures lurking behind their doors.  Bristol’s nightlife is known to be exhilarating, and its visitors expect nothing but the best as the moon draws all night owls out to play in its theaters, clubs, concerts as well as pubs. 

Bristol’s restaurants awaken the flavors of the English culture.  From gourmet dining to casual eateries, there are plenty of different cuisines for the average food connoisseur. European and ethnically inspired, the culinary temptations of Bristol will taste just right!

Bristol is characterized by a humid temperate climate.  From June to September (summer) its temperatures fluctuate between a high in the upper 60s and low of mid-50s.  During November to March (winter) its weather averages a high within the upper-40s to a low in the mid-30s.

Located within a few miles of Bristle’s center, Bristol Airport is the city’s main gateway to a variety of destinations.  The city is surrounded by an extensive bus route, servicing transportation to its main areas. As a major hub for train travel, First Great Western, Bristol Temple Meads Railway Station, in addition to Bristol Parkway Railway Station’s array of trains offer travels to various destinations within England.  Ferries are available and a unique way to explore its harbor.  Bristol is ideal for bicyclers and many of its pedestrianized streets are best explored on foot.