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Typical waterfront pubs in the holiday town of Falmouth, Cornwall United Kingdom. (Photo via agostinosangel / iStock / Getty Images Plus)


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Photo of a Stretch of Coast in Cornwall with a Sandy Beach at the foot of high cliffs. (Photo via AlbertPego / iStock / Getty Images Plus)
Photo of a Stretch of Coast in Cornwall with a Sandy Beach at the foot of high cliffs. (Photo via AlbertPego / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Lapped with miles of coastline, jagged cliffs almost touching the skies, and iconic landmarks filled with history, Cornwall, England is a chest beaming with exotic treasures. This charming destination is the perfect place to build cherished memories along its picturesque trails, while capturing a bit of the Cornish heritage. Nestled on a peninsula of Great Britain’s westernmost region, Cornwall provides an electrifying mixture of highlights beyond and out of the Atlantic, enriching the paths of its visitors with each step. So leave your cares at home and feel free to delve in this captivating paradise, where the melodious Cornish dialect rolls off the tongue like the waves spilling onto its sandy shores.

Cornwall is an official county in England, derived from a mining and seafaring past. It is a location to see its beauty painted on blank canvases in the vibrant art galleries of St. Ives, while the whistle of the wind beckons you into the blue depths of the Constantine Bay. Cornwall is one of England’s hidden surprises, offering a unique look into its culture as its attractions gently distract you from your worries. From UNESCO Heritage gems to the remote landscape of the Bodmin Moor, this destination has many must-do adventures. St. Michael’s Mount is a sacred time capsule honoring the footprints of Cornwall’s historic legends as it shines its grand décor on the faces of its spectators. Geevor Tin Mine paves the way into the tin mining industry; while the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden overflows with local masterpieces. Perched high upon majestic hills, the Tintagel Castle is a fascinating display of antiquity amid 360 degree views.

Boasting a harbor full of seafood, there is more to Cornwall than what meets the nose. It is known for its delicious cream pie delicacies, but there is much more for the hearty eater. Its talented chefs put forth their best when creating delectable cuisine of Cornish best eats as well as multicultural specialties in its many food festivals and restaurants. With a certified status as a gastronomic haven, there is a taste that will quench any pallet.

Cornwall experiences a temperate climate. During the months of June to September (summer) the temperatures average from highs within the mid-60s to lows in the mid-50s. From November to April (winter) the weather fluctuates between highs of the low-50s and upper-30s.

Newquay Cornwall Airport is the main entrance to the city as well as a gateway to a wide range of UK and international destinations. Cornwall can also be reached via ferry. Carshare Cornwall offers free transportation and allows tourists to become acquainted with its locals. The railway provides service through Cornwall’s coastal neighborhoods; and its bus lines (First Devon and Cornwall; Western Greyhound) also operate along a fixed scheduled within specified locations of the county. Ferries are a great way to observe the county’s landscape and taxis are available to journey to areas unreachable by public transportation.