Last updated: 09:00 AM ET, Sat March 03 2018
Houses in the city centre of Southampton, England (photo via Leonid Andronov / iStock / Getty Images Plus)


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Behind every vibrant port is a destination blessed with an eventful past and world-class adventure.  This firmly describes the city of Southampton, England, a captivating gem prepared to uplift the spirit with its array of highlights, too extraordinary to be missed.  Whether you are roaming through the City Art Gallery or watching a ballet performance at the Mayflower Theatre, it has everything you need to make your vacation dreams come true.  As the ‘gateway to the world’, Southampton continues to draw millions of onlookers with its magnetic energy, making it one of England’s most interesting locations, perfectly designed to gratify your soul. 

Nestled on the Southwest region of England, Southampton is a bustling metropolitan center. Since its establishment in 700 AD, it has become a major port dotted with many monolithic cruise ships.  Your journey of the medieval city will not be complete without rummaging through its attractions, especially the Old Town, where ruins of a castle as well as the Tudor House and Garden pay homage to the past.  Stop and smell the roses at the Mottisfont Abbey or explore the history revolving the city’s maritime and connection to the Titanic in the Seacity Museum.  The motor collection at Beaulieu is also a must-see and Southampton’s exquisite parks are some of the best in the world. 

The adventures of Southampton do not stop there.  Great malls, boutiques, markets, and vintage stores make up the shopping atmosphere of the city.  Whether you are searching for an outfit for a night on the town or souvenirs for loved ones, Southampton has many treasures that will fit the budget.  The nightlife in the city is centered on its pubs, bars, clubs, as well as the Mayflower Theatre.  Head to Turner Sims for a night of Jazz or mosey on down to Bedford Place for bar-hopping and dancing until the wee hours of the morning.  For an authentic British experience, Oxford Street offers a plethora of fine dining options in its chic bistros, bars, and restaurants. 

The gastronomic experience of Southampton is a treat for the senses.  Its restaurants are overpowered by the aromas of exotic cuisine that fill the air.  From British and Greek to Indian and Mexican, there is a flavor that will test any pallet.  Bedford Place and Oxford Street provide arguably some of the best culinary temptations that Southampton has to offer.

Southampton experiences a temperate climate.  From June to September (summer) the weather is typically warm with highs within the low-70s and lows around the mid-50s.  During November to March (winter) the temperatures fluctuate between the upper 50s to the mid-30s.

Southampton International Airport is the city’s major doorway to the rest of Europe and to an array of global destinations.  With an extensive bus route, its buses (mainly departs from the city centre) travel to many locations in the city as well as its nearby towns.  Local trains service transportation to other cities like Ford, Chandlers, Millbrook, Woolston and Southampton Central.  Also from Town Quay, a ferry is accessible to reach the Isle of Wight and Hythe.