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Arles panorama from the river. Arles, Provence-Alpes-Cote d


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A full moon rises over the 2,000-year-old colosseum in Arles, France. (Photo Via JerryBKeane / iStock / Getty Images Plus)
A full moon rises over the 2,000-year-old colosseum in Arles, France. (Photo Via JerryBKeane / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Greatly inspired by Van Gogh, Arles France is a picturesque town filled with Roman and medieval architecture and history. Here, art lovers and historians will enjoy the ancient sites and artistry that flows through the city. The Museum of Ancient Arles takes its visitors on a journey to the past with exhibitions of Roman models, jewelry, mosaics, figurines, and inscriptions. Even more fascinating is the museum’s Sarcophagus of Spouses display. Dating back to the early 4th century, it is a depiction of biblical characters and stories relating to salvation. Art enthusiasts can view the city from the eyes of Van Gogh and visit the places he made famous in his paintings, such as the Langlois Bridge, the Café, and L’Espace. With such captivating attractions and adventures, Arles is a great destination spot to build unforgettable memories and it provides panoramic views of the wonderful manifestations of art.

Founded by the Greeks and located along the Rhône River and in the Mediterranean, Arles is a town and commune in France. Under the rule of Julius Caesar, it became a vital administrative area and religious center. Since the early 90s the city's attractions has earned their right as UNESCO World Heritage sites because of the preservations of the Romanesque architecture and infrastructure that prevailed throughout Arles’ historic civilization. Despite its deterioration, the Arles Roman Theatre is an ancient reminder of the theatrical performances that brought multitudes of spectators within its 10,000 seats among its decorations of statues and massive columns. Even bigger, the Roman Amphitheater is an impressive Roman style monument. Standing through the test of time, the ruins of the old fortress now hosts Arles’ infamous bullfights. The Church of Saint Trophime is also a glance into the cultural history of Arles as it honors the importance of art and religion with statues of significant religious figures and leaders, a bell tower, and Romanesque doorway and naves.

Shopping in the city is an experience that should not be missed. The local open air shops and markets make Arles a shopper’s paradise. In the markets, tourists can find an assortment of gourmet products such as cheese, rice, and olive oil. Within the stores, French made fabrics and textiles are readily available for your consumption. Shopping is also a great way to learn about the city’s customs and meet its friendly people. At night, Arles is a lively social scene. Bars and cafés entice visitors with their delicious snacks and drinks. Locals and tourists are also encouraged to dance the night away at clubs while listening to pulsating music.

Along the narrow, cobblestone streets you will find restaurants offering delectable French and multicultural meals and France’s finest and oldest wines. Savor the taste of seafood freshly picked out of the Mediterranean Sea, rice, vegetables, fruits, beef and specialties from all over the world. Restaurants not only prepare exquisite meals but also provide an inviting atmosphere and scenic views of the old city.

Arles experiences a Mediterranean climate. During the cold season the weather is typically breezy and cool because of the city’s distance to the Mediterranean Sea. Temperatures average in the mid 60s to low 30s with light or no snow. In the warm season, the weather is normally warm and dry. During this time, the temperature fluctuates between the 90s to the 70s.

The beautiful weather makes traveling in the city relatively easy. Buses/trams provide transportation to other destinations within the Camargue and the city. Trains also offer access to other nearby locations and stops in Arles. Taxis are a convenient form of travel since they take you to your exact desired location. For tourists who would prefer to bask in the peaceful ambiance of the quaint city, walking is an enjoyable way to commute around Arles.